What did you get in the mail today?

I got this fancy new solder sucker because my cheap old one became prone to… premature discharge.

It’s why I had to wire 2 jumpers on my keyboard because I became so impatient with my deficient solder sucker that I ripped out a via and a solder pad when removing switches.


It happens to the best of us :joy:

How are you liking the SS02? I know quite a few people here have one and love it

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I’ve yet to actually use it, but so far it feels really nice, so much easier to lock, much stronger pump, and I’m sure the silicone tip will come in handy. For reference, my previous desoldering pump was the one you can get a 3-pack of on Amazon for 6 bucks.
So it’s definitely an improvement

This is the pump I use. I have not tried any others, but one downside of this is that the silicone tip can get clogged after two or three switch legs. I have to pull the tip off every so often, declog it and then put it back on.

Not a super big deal but it slows my flow a tad.

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What I do is occasionally lube the SS-02 solder tunnel with 205g0 with one of those disposable plastic dental thing tipped with foam. I think 205 has a reasonably high melting point (~325 celsius) although not sure if it’s affected by grade.


Great idea! I will try that. :pray:

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My ‘Deep’ deskmats came in today. Quality is top notch and I love the simple design. Gotta get some pics of the black one, it looks so good on my desk haha


Instant headache :smile:


Finally it arrived, the finish looks great, but it will be a insta sell for me. :upside_down_face:


why sell it?

so cool! :face_vomiting:

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I have joined the ortho side of the keebs :upside_down_face:


Wow, what clean/awesome color way. What keysets are those?

This is ePBT x GoK Black on White with the grey keycaps coming from the stock set that comes from the Tokyo60 v2! The spacebar sounds pretty good from that set

Boba U4T from Pantheonkeys just came in. My first time getting from them, and I’m impressed with the packaging! Free shipping locally + bubble-wrap lined box. Will be comparing them against my Ice U4 and Boba U4 switches :slight_smile:


Rara V2 from ashkeebs

What’s the lube meta for these? They came with films so I suppose I’ll be taking them apart to at least add those.


Just got mine too. They feel good. I think they are pretty close to T1s but the ramp up when you press is slower.

I am thinking 3203, and I might lightly brush the legs. Films too.

This photo kind of highlights the feel I think -

Edit: I was hoping these would be close to Zeal V1s and they are not, but the little testing I have done, I like the feel.


Some SP Polaris Gray’s from Swagkeys. Annyeonghaseyo! :nerd_face:

These feel and sound just like super premium Mauves. E/W wobble is pretty decent, zilch leaf ping, with a notable upstroke clack. Not too shabby.




DHL delivered my 6C a few days earlier than expected :partying_face: