What did you get in the mail today?



MDA Big Bones & PBT Heavy Industry


TKC1800 raffle


Where did you order your Big Bang from?


Awesome! I think that raffle turned out great.


GB on Kono Store. But I do see KBDfans have them in stock now.


Yeah, they are missing all the comparability kits though. I hope they get stocked at some point


End of the week was a good time for mail!! Rascal Caps Hoarder and the long awaited Kira 96


A couple of Juju Cables, hand delivered from Australia to Beirut. (He’s the young handsome fella).


From the past few days.

Apple IIgs with SKCM white alps
R T1 switches
GMK Monochrome
Starry Night RAMA cap


I finally have a Type Beast :grinning:


Oh wow, awesome pick up! That is a super nice colorway too, would go perfect with Space Cadet!


Good thing I have SA symbiosis coming in the mail eventually😀


WoB. First GMK set :partying_face:


Awesome, I’m glad it finally made it to you bud! Looking forward to seeing pics of it on your boards. :metal:


It’s Holy Grail Board day in Pittsburgh! :money_mouth_face:

Just got this badboy in, but still can’t believe I own one now! Especially one so clean, look at those switches :star_struck:! There is some yellowing on the caps, but the case isn’t yellowed very much. Also the switches look & feel like they been barely used. I was thinking about harvesting the switches for a custom build, although now that I’ve got it in hand I’ve decided that converting it to USB is the best route. Besides it’s rarity, it’s such an awesome looking & feeling board I don’t think I could bring myself to rip it apart. Plus who can pass up having a board with a 9u spacebar in their collection! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Probably one of the best GMK set :slight_smile:


You coming to Columbus? If so I’m gonna touch the hell out of that.


LOL, yes definitely planing on coming to the Columbus meetup. I will for sure bring it!


GPL 104, 106, 205g0 from Store Uni!