What did you get in the mail today?


for the love of god keep it clean!!!


Laserboost decided to deliver some awesome mirror polished plates today, nicely done.
Time to draw the case for CNC milling.


A few things:

Brown Woodgrain Deskpad
RAMA Canvas Deskmat
Gateron Ink
NovelKeys Cream
Zap “Starry Night” Cable
RAMA Wave Hydro R03


https://imgur.com/aFuGfi9 https://imgur.com/NsklCCQJust got my Novelkeys Gateron Inks and a new HHKB Professional 2 along with an artisen shidenkai FX now I’m just waiting for more 3204 lube and silence rings for the hhkb


Finally SA Royalty and some Sprit springs!


Now just waiting for my Halo True switches to come in :slight_smile:


SA Pulse - Rams and Icon Mods


KPrepublic Greek PBT Dye-Sub

I’m still sad the GMK Greek Olivetti GB didn’t hit MOQ.


got a Rama Canvas in. Helps make the QXP pop a little, compared to the black mat I had.


Looks good! What keyset is this?


Thanks! PBT BoB. Its more of a BoDark Gray


Thanks to @keyboardbelle!

The first two photos are a bit warm in tone. Last two are great and finally show off the true color of this set and case.


Just beautiful! @keyboardbelle nice case! @punctuation nice keycaps!


It’s cable time! Copper sleeve for copper iris build from @johnatzap and cream switches! I’ve got to say I’m a bit disappointed I didn’t smell anything but maybe that’s just my cold.

Edit: I just opened the bag of switches again and got a whiff of them! Smells like a building under construction is all I can summarize it to :joy:


Dolchini!!! :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


i got my creams today as well. Mine are super stinky. Smells a bit fishy, a bit oily. Pretty nasty. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was surprised to find that Sprit springs are no less pingy than the stock springs in the switches. I will be lubing them either way but I wonder if there’s actually any benefit to spring swapping in this case. I’ll update my findings once I start lubing them!


yeah, i already lubed the stock springs. Way too pingy and some of them grindy. I also liked the feel of lightly lubed stems with 3204.

I was hoping to use them stock, but I don’t think they’re any better than than FEI or tangerines as far as feel. They may sound a bit better, but I actually like the feel of the Gateron Ink switches more. Still haven’t found anything that I can use totally stock. I’ve never had springs that didn’t need lube.

Guess I’ve just grown too picky.


Yeah, I was expecting to lube them. Personally I just really like the colour and I suppose it’s neat that they’re all POM. Hoping to powder coat a board this same colour!


Yup, I’m drooling. Shishi is really the only artisan I’ve found that I enjoy the look of so far.