What did you get in the mail today?


Definitely need lube, but their usually much more consistent in weight compared to some stock springs.


Cryptoculture Fugu!



Last couple of days:

2 HS60 ANSI and HHBK
RAMA Heavy Industry
Holy Panda shirt + stickers and patch


No 3sc!


120 x Kailh x NovelKeys BOX pinks


Looks like fun!


This grey wool deskmat. It came folded in half so I had to iron it flat! Creases pretty well disappeared so I’m happy for about $8.


A pair of Sony WH-1000XM3 cans.



SA Nuclear Data and 10 “00” brushes for lubing!


Creality-CR10 Mini 3D printer


Salted Fugu!


MDA Big Bang from KBDfans.


  • Good: Very thick, seems thicker than 1.5mm. Excellent dye-sub legends. Pleasant smooth texture. Surface contour feels natural except for the lowest row. Love the convex 2U and 1U keycaps. I couldn’t use the legended LOWER and RAISE keys upside down so used 1U space keycaps instead and they feel great.

  • Bad: Unlike Cherry keycaps I had before, MDA keycaps make rattling sound. I think it’s the reverb from larger cavity. Going to try adding a layer of liquid latex inside to see if that helps. Colors of accent keycaps are hideous. I’ll sacrifice them to experiment with liquid latex.


Mail day from the past few days.

TX shipment:

  • 1 of each large, Med, and small bag
  • 70g Springs
  • Switch films

MDA Big Bone
KAT Alpha
WOW stick
Lemo Zap Cable with an extra end
Chocolatier RAMA X
Tiny Yeti - Moaning Myrtle


Very cool. Just curious… Did you purchase the KAT set from Kono or somewhere else? I’ve been looking to try a set out but can’t seem to find it anywhere.


I preordered from Kono last year… it finally shipped.


More Red Panda’s for Holy Red Panda switches and a new multimeter!


Kin bag and red QXP :wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass:


70 YOK Red Pandas. At this point, I have 140 Halo True, 140 Halo Clear stems, 200 Gsus housings, and 140 YOK Red Panda housings minus 5 broken housings. This should be enough for four 60% boards with spares, each lubed differently. After 3204 and 3203, I ordered some 205g0 and 105 (to dilute my way out of trouble) from StoreUni to find out how it differs.