What did you get in the mail today?


Kailh box Royals and Jade


Got my healios and 3204 for my ut47.2 build! Now just have to wait for the GB to ship.






Today is a day of firsts, for me. First order from NK, first tactile switch, and first silent switches.
Some Aliaz 70g and some Gateron silent blacks.


Now I just have to figure out the hard part: which board that currently has GMK Laser on it should get swapped with GMK Taro :sob:

(or figure out whether or not I can justify purchasing an entire new board for GMK Taro to live on)


Cool. I can highly recommend Gateron silent blacks lubed with 3204. Will be building a board soon with them (if the board decides to ship some day :tired_face:)


Got my new phone in yesterday! I went with a S10e, pretty happy with it so far. It’s a huge upgrade from the S7 active I was rocking!

I also got my ALPS/Nexus switch openers & a sample pack of Nexus sliders/housings in. The openers work pretty good & are fairly thick so hopefully they’ll hold up well. The Nexus sliders/housings are kinda a let down. They noticeably change the feel & sound of ALPS switches IME (especially when using both on a switch). So I wouldn’t recommend using them for a whole build, but they do work well enough to use them for putting a MX artisan on a ALPS board or if you need a specific sized cap for a layout you want & you can’t find a ALPS mount one. Although I think if BlindAssassian takes what he learned with this first run & make some fine tuning changes these could be a very viable product for whole builds in the future. Not sure if he’ll be doing a second run though.


Feels a little surreal that I managed to grab this set from the zfrontier’s treasure crate. Since I only started seriously looking at custom keyboards about three months ago, I just figured I’d only be able to ogle this set in photos. This is my first keycap set and I noticed some of the keycaps have different letters printed underneath them. Anybody know what those letters mean?


Are you talking about the weirdo alphas? Those are a variant of the alphas for milkshake; I’m really wishing I had bought them. Let me know if you’d like to sell them, I have a good home for them :smile:


Haha I’m not looking to sell anytime soon.
It’s a small embossed letter on the underside next to where the switch inserts. Maybe it’s just a signifier for the factory?


Yup, that’s exactly what it is :slight_smile:


KAT ALPHA keycaps. They’re awesome!


Can you upload a pic from the side of the KB so we can see the profile please?


Sure can! Here also is a diagram comparing the profile to SA and Cherry.


Nice, thank you! :metal: It’s looking like I’m gonna have to get myself a set in this profile sooner than later. I love sculpted SA, but it does affect my typing speed a bit. I’m thinking with KAT I might be able to get the best of both worlds. The speed I can get with Cherry & the feels of SA. :thinking:


Only been using it for a day but I do think it lives up to the promise of splitting the difference.


Are the KAT Alphas available somewhere or is this just a sample?


Kono.store has a waiting list.


Yes, I pre-ordered from Kono late last year.