What did you get in the mail today?


Switch opening tool from Mechbox. Looks kind of ghetto but seems to work great. :slight_smile:


I got this printed and it’s excelent.


Got two international packages today. The first one from the Netherlands brought me the blanks I needed to complete my 60% split spacebar build. Looks better now:

The second was from Canada:

A custom-sized 65% to eventually accommodate the Lumina KB, but here it is with my current keyboard:

edit: Thanks @pabloescobyte for your help in arranging this custom case!


I got a new solder sucker from Japan today. Hopefully it works as good as it looks and feels. :relaxed:


I can vouch for this tool. Once you get the technique down it does the job well.


Two holecutters, so i can stamp replacement foam for my model f



Just got home to open up my GMK Camping!


new pcb kit from Keebio for the Quefrency :eyes:

Also going to use a handful of parts from Spacecat’s store


oo nice to see one of these, just ordered one myself actually and should be here tomorrow!


Just got my USB cable connectors in from Zap cables to make my custom telephone USB cable!


Finally after so much envy and inner monologue debate…


Round 1 best Fjell round despite the issues it had. :ok_hand:


What happened in the following rounds?

KMK Labs.


R2 just happened recently and had an unjustifiably high price increase. The price increase did lessen once I talked about it on Top Clack, but the price increased even though the design for the weight became easier to manufacture :thinking:.

Doesn’t mean the R2 boards are bad by any stretch, it’s just disappointingly priced compared to R1.


Elven kit finally came!

Unfortunately, my set had a couple small but significant issues :sweat_smile:


Damn that sucks. Did you send a message to massdrop to see if they had any replacements?


Yup, I messaged them the same pictures before posting here :+1: Now the second waiting game begins!


I got my TMO in the mail along with my cable. Gonna build it tomorrow I think.


I got a copy of Shiren the Wanderer for the Nintendo DS.

I don’t even own a DS but I love playing the ROM so much I wanted a physical copy anyway. I went to Target to try out the new 2DS XL and my eyes just aren’t having it. I played Mario Kart briefly but felt like migraines were coming on.

For now I will continue playing in an emulator!


Good mail day today! :sunglasses: I haven’t gotten any artisans for a long while now, but had to bite on Coz’s last raffle which I got very lucky & won my 2 top selections (Inked Thrice & Shattered and Scattered)! Then I took a shot on Oco’s random Fugu sale for a triple shot one & ended up getting a HyperFuseish colored Fugu! Not 100% sure what I’m gonna do with the Fugu since I do not have a Hyperfuse set, but thankfully it also goes extremely well with Sky Dolch also.