What did you get in the mail today?


Does this bring back the “grit” texture on keys with shine?


No. This will spread the “shine” instead.

I think the only way to bring back the “grit” is to roll the keycaps in a hot sand barrel.


Got my cap from ETF’s March Marble sale today, I got a Rotavirus Menloe! The marbling is amazing with this one! I tried to capture it the best I could with my phone, but it looks even better in person. He really killed it with this batch IMO. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Menloe sculpt before & was hoping for a Fugthulu TBH. Although now that I got one in hand & seen one in person the sculpt is growing on me a good bit. Had thoughts of trying to trade for a Rotavirus Fugthulu, but I’m leaning towards keeping this guy!

Also got my classic beige ADK64 in on mon., they turned out great IMO! The print came out very clean to my admittedly novice eye for 3D printing. I believe ReDsNoTDeAd is gonna sacrifice a couple b-stock cases to see if it’s possible to get a smooth finish on the plastic, but if that doesn’t pan out I’ll still be perfectly happy with the finish the cases has straight out of the printer! Big thanks to @keyboardbelle for shipping these straight to the GB participants & packing a few goodies in as a bonus! The switches were clutch to me, as 3 of the 5 I did not have in my collection before. Very awesome of you to throw them in! :metal:


Glad you liked it, these were tricky to print because of the angle, I still plan on doing a write-up on 3D printing and keyboard cases, hopefully I’ll find time this weekend.

I have a bunch of b-stock too that I’ll put up for sale soon. I think sticker bombing the misprints may be a good way to make some neat cases without spending too much.


Motorsports Heavy 6!


Jazz hands


If you do a thread where do you evenly shine all keycaps It would be awesome, I’d love to try a complete shiny board :slight_smile:


More switches to test :slight_smile: The quest for my favorite tactile is ending soon. :smiley:


I’m definitely very happy with my case! It even has the proper swoop that the AEKs have to keep the keycap bottoms from showing on R1 & R2. I think the AEK64 case that Skully sold & the Lunar AEK case are the only other two that have that, awesome job for sure! I’ll be keeping an eye out for write up on 3D printing. I’ve been wanting to get a small affordable 3D printer to start messing around with it myself so I see myself referencing it quite a bit when I finally do get one. :wink:


WOW! :eyes:


25g jars of 204g0 and 205g0S from StoreUni.

Jars are smaller than I expected but satisfyingly heavy.
I think I’m pretty much all set for awhile as far as lubes are concerned.
Unless I re-lube my boards every weekend that is.


Not quite today but I haven’t had a chance to post it yet. Got my Ti grey Doro67!



Ooh, color me interested! I love that Nautilus squid logo.


Got my Eiswolf waterblock for my GPU & a Topre Spectral Ojum Fugu in today! Really pumped about the Eiswolf since I wasn’t to happy with the temps of the SC2 cooler, hopefully this will do the trick to keep in the 60s. I also have ann Eisbaer 240 CPU cooler so I can setup a continous loop for cooling my CPU & GPU, but I’m just gonna install the Eiswolf for now. My Corair H100i v2 does a great job of cooling my CPU & I really dont feel like completely taking apart my PC & rebuilding it today. Probably tackle that this weekend.

Edit: All installed & some tasteful nudes! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Got my Duck Sidewinder Case. This is my first build so super exciting getting all the parts in one by one!


Plaid // ThroughHole kit



  • 80 Tealios v2
  • Zeal’s screw in stabs
  • Adrift v1 SA R1
  • 205g0
  • Kiiboss
  • Some soldering wire
    New build is coming!


Nice! What are you planning for your build?