What did you get in the mail today?


Silver Space65!
Can’t wait to receive it.


Just received that, I’m only missing the actual keyboard now!

  • Some brushes for the lube
  • A precision kit
  • A soldering kit


Plaid // Through Hole

The Linjärs technically arrived a few days ago but shhhh.
Time to re-re-learn ortho, I guess.


I got a bunch of (x110) halo switches and yok mint pandas and a new hoodie


Norbauer’s beautiful Monolith arrived today!


OG ISO-DE Skidata with a whole slew of relegendables


Got SA Green Screen in from Massdrop. I also have the Amber Screen alphas but nothing to put them on at the moment.


Several group buys from last year have been arriving one after another. Today it was XDA Oblique, which I put on a Vortex Vibe just because the layout reminded me of an old Mac keyboard I have. The G4 Cube is just for looks. :wink:


Oh boy oh boy oh boy!


Nothing fancy, but a iKBC MF87 in ISO with MX Browns. Not sure what I think of the browns, but this is a really nice off the shelf-board!

The stabs are not rattly, no reverb or pinging sound when typing and it’s fairly heavy (2 kg?)

I’ll probably swap the switches in this at some point, just not sure what.


Cherry MX Reds - my first linear switches.

I know, pretty vanilla, but you have to start somewhere… :slight_smile:



Switch parts from hbheroinbob.
Silent Skies. Some ICE bottoms, SKY bottoms, clear closed-slot tops, silent stems. Going to build something akin to the Heisenberg.

Initial impressions are great! Bump is a bit sharper than Holy Pandas but less sharp than Novelias and still has some roundness to it. Bump starts pretty much immediately and doesn’t have too much wobble. Bonus: they’re silent!

Edit: one more thought for now. They have quite a mushy bottom-out so if you like a crisp feel these are not for you!


Teensy and 1.5u / 4u blanks for the ortho TKL build; stepper motor and load cell for the force gauge project. Things are coming together! :smiley:


Makes me wanna build a ‘dancing keyboard’. At my high school, there was this old terminal with powerful solenoid that made it jolt each time a key was pressed. It was bolted down to the floor but got loose somehow and started dancing around which made it even more enjoyable to use.



Currently separating them in preparation for a lube job with some Christo 129 that should be coming in a few days…


FR4 Half plate from @hineybush!

Maybe I should do a Mira rebuild? :thinking:


Apple IIc keyboard unit with Amber Alps!


Heavy-6 in Aperture. Fingers crossed the (second) FC660C comes tomorrow :metal:


I bought a IIc keyboard module and after receiving it realized that I had bought the dreaded Apple Scissor switch module, and not the alps version.

But now I have one of the worst switches of all time which I guess is nice.