What did you get in the mail today?


TX Keyboard Clear Switch Films (420 pieces)


What a number! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I wasn’t sure about how useful those films would be, but I slapped them in some of my Creamy switches, and wow they work a treat. I picked up 4 sets after that.


I am also surprised by how good they are. In the past, I have used switch stickers but these are way more convenient because you can reuse them easily.


I’ve also found that switch stickers don’t have quite the same type of hold as the films. Would recommend films 100% of the time over stickers.


I also got in about 300 switch films from TX and put them on my Cream switches. Definitely tightens everything up but as Walker said, they have a hard time closing all the way. I don’t think it’ll be a problem as all of the claws are over the clasp.


New keyset for my daily at work.

Ive been wanting this set for a while now, so happy. Unfortunately KBDfans forgot to send me the Esc, Return and Spacebar XD. I messaged them about it already, so hopefully Ill get the missing keys soon.

Ill have to improvise with some other keysets I have once I get home i guess.

I really loving the new look.

Fixed (for now):


An old G81-3000 ISO Be, buy it for the alphas :blush:


Got some more Christo Lube while it was un stock. Went for 2 of the MCG112 & 1 of the MCG111.


Another board from Norbauer.


And I thought my MF87 was a solid piece of aluminium… :drooling_face:


Ahah, same :smile:


That pink is so friggin good, love it every time I see it



Got my first artisan. The Onyx Wukong that is waiting to go on a board until I have my Zenfox finally built.


Yasintahir’s Y-CP custom sleeves! I’ve included close ups of the print quality.


Are the ones in the left bag black translucent T1s? KBDfans sent me one with my replacement Topre caps and it feels remarkably close to a V2 Zealios.


are you sure mike isn’t selling knockoff KBDFan switches that are actually zealios??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


EPBT Slate


How’s the warping on larger keys?