What did you get in the mail today?


better than other epbt sets i have, no big noticeable issues yet.


Switches, lots and lots of switches :grin:


Got a whole smorgasbord of artisans from spacecaps today. All of the caps that aren’t clear were thrown in as extras :grinning:


Pretty solid week.

  • Got a fixed 7u brass plate with split right shift and backspace from Laserboost. They threw in a couple of stickers and a piece of meme-ry. Started out as their 7u HHKB template file and then I modified the file to add the bottom left and bottom right switch cutouts to make this useful for a future 60% build.

  • Got the deskmat underneath it in the mail this week too from Kono Store in addition to 2 white fox bases and plates that I’m going to send off to be cerakoted.

  • 3 tubes of tribosys 3204 from 1upkeyboards

  • 300 72g springs for future linears.

  • 80 retooled black and 80 linjar in the mail from NovelKeys

  • Switch opener in the mail.


Thanks Ryan! @norbauer

Astrophysical Purple was definitely the right choice. Grab one while you can people! Extras are in the shop!


Is that the sandblasted finish on your plate? Looks nice.

I got my copper plate in brushed and I’ve had to clean it b/c it’s not in a case and I keep getting stains from my fingerprints on it. Comes off immediately with lemon juice though :slight_smile:


Nope I did shiny both sides on this one.

Was thinking about the copper, but haven’t seen much on copper plates. Got any shots of it? Overall, have you enjoyed it as a plate material?



I like it a lot. It’s actually a bit more dense/heavier than brass


So far, their work looks really good to me. I’ll definitely consider copper when I order another plate from them to try it out


Actually arrived at the weekend but forgot.


Kumo, finally.

Im a little disappointed in the clarity of the print on the caps but still happy to have it.


Any pics to show what you are talking about? Unless there’s more in the link that I don’t see. Just a box.


That’s the Kumo on the left of the box in it’s case. How do you get the case, by the way? I thought it came with the kickstarter buy but I didn’t get one. Not that I need one.


:foot:&:cut_of_meat: keycap


I’ll take some pictures of the caps when i get home. I should have added examples of what I mean.


The case was from the kickstarter. You had to purchase it separately. I also got the plate, that I have not used. The case is pretty tight and I will need to adjust it before i can use it though.


Got my first BRO cap today! It’s a Cashed Kush BroBot V2 from the 420 raffle. Really impressed with the swirl he got on this one! I think it’ll pair really well with my set of JTK Toxic. :ok_hand:


Idk if this will come out in some of the pics. The caps are kinda thin and the mod caps are inconsistently textured - idk how to describe it. Like the tops of the grey caps are odd. The last picture kinda shows what I mean.

The text quality also might not show up to well in the pics but I feel like they are a little “fuzzy” around the edges.


Yeah, I think I can see what you mean. It almost looks like there are patches where the texture is missing, or smoothed. Is that how it seems to you in person?


Flower power Wind & Cherry Blossom set from drop!