What did you get in the mail today?



I’m so sad i didnt have the money for one of these at the time - looks so damn good.


Can’t wait. Mine is out for delivery! What switches are you planning to use?




That black looks awesome! I’ve got some R3msky lubed vint blacks. Problem was I ordered a black aluminum plate for them and got two brass plates instead. I was going to save the brass for MD HPs. What are putting in yours?


I think gateron linears. Right now I have a problem though… I can’t seem to figure out how it’s supposed to go in that case. It seems the usb port is not CNC’d deep enough for the PCB to lay flat. The standoffs are short, like perhaps they expect you to put the gasket under the pcb?? When I do that (which is random, but whatever) it kinda works, but the screws aren’t long enough to go through the PCB and into the case. I boxed it back up for now. I’m confused. Hoping to hear back from others.


They are still very smooth to the touch. The mods might be a little bit on the rougher side compared to the alphas.


Wow this is a really beautiful board!


So I don’t double post…

My custom cable from MechCables came in today along with the Elecom EX-G Pro trackball mouse, a purchase inspired by our favorite Korean streamer. :wink:


Another warped ePBT spacebar that was supposed to be a replacement… They also forgot the other two spacebars I requested and my replacement KBD65 PCB since that was also warped.


Best mail day ever!
GMK Space Cadet
Custom Spaz usb/trrs cables
Spirit gold 45g springs


Trying this thing out


GMK Space Cadet is such an on point set, looks great on those boards! :ok_hand:


Same thing happened to me



Everything was good except the screw holes weren’t properly plugged or the process maybe just doesn’t allow for it. Either way I had to work the screws in back and forth to clear out the threads so they would go in all the way.


Plate for my kumo from laserboost. They are 3/3 perfect so far on my orders.

@evangs @LaserBoost


I ordered 4 plates on my first order and just ordered a plate for a new project a week or so ago. Every plate has been perfect. I can’t recommend them enough


Got my ePBT Slate today and decided to throw it on my LZ GH V2. Please excuse the potato quality picture.


Too bad I already have two keysets coming my way. ePBT Slate looks seriously good.


This looks really good


Got my batch of YOK Trash Pandas in today & can confirm they are the same as Red Pandas. I threw a couple Halo stems into them & they feel indistinguishable from each other. I’m really glad that is the case cause I want to use both Holy Red & Trash pandas on my E6.5. Maybe an alternating pattern or something cool with the switches for it!

^ @donpark style :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: