What did you get in the mail today?


Chunky :+1:


This is Leif, and he lives on my keyboard. My first artisan.


EPBT Slate, finally after some DHL issues… I seem to be missing the ISO enter tho :confused:


I think @hineybush mentioned that the base came in two bags, and some of the vendors didn’t realize that and didn’t send the second bag (which has your ISO enter); might want to follow up with your vendor


Thanks, I indeed only get one bag with the base kit. I’ve dropped them an e-mail now, I’m sure it’ll get resolved!


New cables by @westfoxtrot and enough material to give making my own a try


:eyes: Dem browns!


Got a batch of Halo true stems thanks to @TheNamesTy45 & a pack of 70 BKE heavies for $50 off r/mm. Think I’m gonna step down my 660C from the extremes for now.




@wellbeing44 How long did these take to arrive? All my bits for making some holy pandas arrived but I no want to swap the springs out.


I placed the order on April 15. That makes it like, a month.
I was told in a message from Sprit that

The problem with new production and shipping delays been huge issue theses days.
Even we had to produce several springs again to get proper result.

It was probably a temporary thing


Got my Chocolate PPS keycaps in today! I got the base set, the add on kit (need that tsagan bottom row! :wink:), & the blackstone WASD kit. I’m pretty impressed on a first look at the caps, they are nice & thick (like GMK or ePBT thick) plus they seem to be pretty well made. I didn’t notice any keys with marks or scratches. I’m gonna throw it on my Redscarf in a little bit here to see what they’re all about. I’ll probably put up a mini review in the GB thread for these for later. :+1: :space_invader:

Edit: ChocolateScarf :chocolate_bar:



I got my 5 deskmats today (Oliva Grey, Serika Hexagon, Both Jamon pads, Meka pad)


Sweet! A pad for every desk? I just ordered myself the Jamon hexagon pad a few min ago, LOL!


Got cnc frames in alu from an italian company

and been polishing them for months

now waiting for 7000, 10000 and 15000 grit papers from china to get even better mirror finish.


Damn that’s insane


First, prototypes for my upcoming MX/Alps/Choc reversible 3x14 split with 2 thumb keys keyboard, named Meson. I’m mad because I accidentally soldered one of the Pro Micros on backwards and will no longer solder at 11 pm, ever. Desoldering those is a bitch.

Second, a B-stock KN2.10!! Sorry for mild potato


Ouch, I’ve had to desolder a couple Pro Micros & yes they are a bitch just to get off. Let alone keep the PM useable. A Hakko FR-301 desoldering gun or something similar is highly recommended if you can get one to use. The Meson looks pretty cool though & I really like the ideal of a board being MX, ALPS, & Choc compatible! I’d definitely be interested in picking one up if it makes it to a GB! :+1:


The footprint was inspired by what the helix and helidox used, but I designed it north-facing. I think I’m going to get 4 millmax sockets for the two switches that are blocked off and solder them in from the top, then just drop the switches in. This is just a proto board so not the end of the world.


It was a good mail day—

Eva01 and Skyfighter Keybutos by Suited Up Keycaps.