What did you get in the mail today?


Kiiboss switch opener came in. Should be well worth the cost to open 100 switches and will withstand many more after that!


A 100 ft of 28/28 AWG USB cable and 1.5mm brass spacers. Both for an soldering/assembly workshop I’m doing at a library where we’ll build half of a minidox.


Great stuff guys. Been waiting for my keycaps from Europe since late July. Hope those packages make it to my doorstep. No tracking. Sent via post. sigh


Technically got it yesterday and not today, but I’ve been busy dealing with OG Coil issues

Now I just have to wait until I have money to buy more Jades and build another board for this :3


This finally came in after a good 3 weeks at customs. This is my second NOS Novatouch from a user on /mm. I admit I overpaid a little but this being a virgin board made it worth it to me.


Hellllll yeah!

Any plans with it? Or planning on leaving it pure?


I’m probably going to leave it in the box up until my next Norbatouch case comes in. I like looking at it all clean and sealed but that’s not what a keyboard’s for (well for us I guess it is)


Potato pic of my new FC660M PD w/MX Blacks. I wasn’t expecting much given Leo’s recent factory doce-do but this keeb is remarkably solid. I might not even do a switch-swap or aluminum case for it, it feels really nice as-is.


Desk mats (the NovelKeys MiTo Godspeed designs) - there’s something nice about the minimalist design and the offset sun. I have three color versions of the same mat now, but I intend to use them for 3D print photos, so it should work out quite well.


Crap I wasted $10 on a shapeways one. I guess I know where I’m going if it loses its shape.


I got my Singa R2 today. :blush:

And some catweewee 68g springs.


That is one beautifully polished weight!


Another good mail day for me. :hugs:


Wow that’s one amazing haul! I can’t wait to see those builds up and running! Do you already have everything planned out?


What board is that? It’s gorgeous :heart_eyes:


Thanks! Not entirely, I still need to decide on keycaps. But the rest should be set in stone. :slight_smile:

If you mean the first one, it’s a Norbaforce. The second one is a LZ GH V2.


Is that foam for the norbaforce? Where do you get that stuff?


Yes, that’s the foam I used for my Norbaforce. It’s from AliExpress. Super cheap and there’s plenty for several boards.

I had to make a few cut-outs around the capacitors and where the ground cable is. I decided not to peel off the paper as it would just make it a hassle to remove in case I need to take the board apart again. :blush:

Please excuse the potato pic.


Hmm, what could I need exactly 225 G20 blanks for :thinking:

Unrelated, I wish this phone wasn’t so bad at dealing with brighter objects and glare.



I wonder when the associated keycap set will ship… Should be relatively soon!