What did you get in the mail today?


Ok, about a month isn’t too bad, I was thinking it might be multiple months.


Heavy 6 Motorsport and Royal wrinkle


Black KBDfans 75 V1 plate, V1 PCB, and some Gat yellows. Can’t wait to rebuild.


65g Zilents that are extra special cause they were purchased at full price 2 days before sale :man_facepalming:t3:

@Zeal help me out? :joy:


Also bought switches 2 weeks before sale, sucks.


Anne pro 2 with Kailh box reds
Project: Alice PCB


Gat Clears and Zealio v1 stems


It has arrived. I just got back my “ZenFox” case - a white fox case that has been cerakoted snow white with black screws. This will be getting some cream switches and GMK Nines when it arrives.

Need to hunt down a WhiteFox PCB for it because Kono has been out of stock for a while.


Project Keyboard Alice PCB and the budget96… with mix’n’match switches, because I forgot how to count.


love the look.


Picked up some Greentech black switches from Novel Keys. Never used their linears before and am very curious to see how they compare.


Received this sick Dolch shirt today.


I think they are an excellent switch for the money. The batch I have is a year or two old but they are quite smooth. The spring is a little heavier than I prefer.


So far, just playing around with some loose switches they feel very smooth.


How do they compares to retooled blacks?


Ooh can’t wait for mine!


Super nice shirt, really soft and the fit is great. Picked mine up in a medium. I’m wearing it today :+1:t2:.


Very cool. Can’t wait to get mine!


Another Heavy-6 arrived today! :slight_smile:

It has a very satisfying finish!


SA Vilebloom & Chocolate PPS keycaps: