What did you get in the mail today?

Today I’ve just received a bunch of Outemus, one for every actual sold type and… Coming from my Outemu Silent White didn’t expect to like the Tongmu/TOM, which are tactile but quite silent too:

I’m a little tempted to order a whole set to try on my Feker IK75 or on little 65% :upside_down_face:

Between lineara seems I like Silent Ocean more than Silent Peach



Cherry MX Black Clear Top “Nixie”

I compared them with gateron x and with studio 43.



I tried them in a QK65 and found that they make the stabs sluggish. I’d leave them out entirely bc, if it’s design to push against the stab wire to reduce rattle, pushing itself causes the sluggishness.


My collection of these switch containers from Kinetic Labs keeps growing!! Picked up 6 more, which put me at 36 of them with all but 3 are filled with switches…

…Do I have a problem? Is an Intervention in my future?? :flushed:

Also, I picked up Wuque Studios’ new Morandi linear switches


SRK Matrix-01

Easier to open than it looks - also that little bag has three extra novelty stepped capslock keys and I have no idea why :man_shrugging:

>>> More photos <<<

Also some stickers

Prevail Nebulae :rocket:

TTC Frozen Silents :cold_face:

New Nixies & Danny DeVitos* :bulb: :nerd_face:@d3L7r0n lol and thanks again my dude

*These are Ink Blacks, but with a KS-3 milky bottom - already had the name when I “adopted” them, and what a great one for sticker hunting. There are so many stickers of this guy - but I thought this one fit just right.


Most of SA Spectra arrived, the alphas and mods from Kono, shockingly. The Norde and numpad kits from MK Ultra have yet to ship.


My QK75 showed up today!!!

And some pics of the finished product…

  • Navy Blue with Gold Mirror PVD weight and knob
  • Tri-mode wireless hotswap PCB
  • Staebies stabilizers on mods, Gateron long-pole stabilizer on spacebar.
  • POM plate
  • Bolsa Namazu switches w/ BCP on spacebar
  • Full foam (case, PCB, plate)
  • PBTFans Basin keycaps
  • Gold PVD artisan from Capsmiths

For anyone wondering why I called them Danny DeVitos:
It’s in honor of him playing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “twin brother,”
Vincent in the movie Twins. Danny DeVito was the by product of what was left after Arnold was engineered to be “physically perfect.”

These switches are the leftovers from my Frankenswitch-ing a bunch of Cthulhu switches (Milky top, Ink bottom, Cream stem)

Just calling them “Leftovers” wasn’t as fun. :wink:


Hello again. It’s me again. The mondrop box arrived as a supplement. I have two boxes of linear and only one box of tactile. Because two boxes of Tennessee were ordered, but one box was stolen. And now I have a second box. One was not enough for a full test.


  • PC upper housing
  • Nylon botton housing
  • POK stem
  • around 21mm spring
  • Operating force 45+/-5gf
  • Pre-travel 1.7+/-0.2mm
  • Total Travel 3.3+/-0.2mm
  • 50 million clicks

More photos under the spoiler


These red switches are very beautiful in color. The case is very dense good, no wobbling, no film needed. The stem wobbling is also small, given that there is a very long stem here. They are lubricated from the factory, and it looks like it’s manual lubrication, something similar in color and smoothness to krytox. This gives an immediate effect. They can be used right out of the box. With gmk keycaps they have a high sound, but abs keycaps from kbdfans have a quieter deeper sound. pbt keycaps are something in between gmk and kbdfans. BUT these are all first impressions. They are very cheap. I had low expectations and therefore bought them because there was a discount. And they turned out to be very good))


Well it’s nice to have something for a key you usually change to Ctrl or FN.
I would only have it as Caps Lock on a Fullsize/1800 and mabey down to TKL.

I really like how you put those funny stickers on your jars. This is testament of a great sense of humour,… and therefore intelligence.


My Frog just arrived!
The gray anodization is super nice.
The gray PCB with white hot swap sockets designed by Gondo is fire :fire:

The leaf springs on the aluminum plate do little to nothing in term of flex, the tadpoles may be the greatest contributors of bounce I think.


What are your thoughts on the Morandis?

I quite like them. I wrote a small blurb about it here, but of course, @ThereminGoat was able to put things much more eloquently (and with better pictures!)


thanks! I got lost in the different posts…might be the late night reading… :crazy_face: appreciate the reply!

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It’s sticker day again up in here

Better one for the Carrots

Also one for Corals that doesn’t hide the switches so much

Pianos aka Durock POMs

Light Wave V2s (Wavez colorway artisans)

FLCMMK Ice Mints (one of three non-chocolate-chip mint ice cream stickers on planet Earth)

A better one for Blackberries

Ink Blues (accidental Master Control guy?)

A new one for Brothers aka Gold Blues


Bonus: Oddities - Aeon Flux (part of MTV’s Oddities) title-card eyeball-with-fly; since I’ve already used all of the stickers from SwitchOddities.com


I love sticker day!



Lucky me that I have not fallen into that rabbit hole of switches…
I have found one switch that I like, and I build now everything with it.


KBDcraft’s Lego-compatible Adam kit came in with all the new bells and whistles plus extra goodies. Big shout out to @BoyU who was kind enough to send me this Rev2 kit! So this is how a brick keyboard looks like upon opening the box. :laughing:

More photos on imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/2H1wiIO
My original post: KBDcraft's Adam
Rev2 announcement on kbd.news: Kit Adam upgrade
Product page: Kit Adam

Now I can’t wait for the weekend when I can dig up the attic and seamlessly integrate this keyboard kit into my kid’s Lego Harry Potter castle. :rofl: