What did you get in the mail today?


Its insane that all of the beauty will be covered up in order to use it. That should be a crime.


Haha, I know, right… :no_mouth:


Got some 1U samples :smile:

For handwiring/keychains!


Finally got my Halos from the last drop!

Definitely some of the nicest packaging for switches I have seen!




Looks awesome, especially on that board!


Dear god that’s beautiful, I can’t wait for mine.


Did you win one?:smiley:


RAMA canvas. its super nice. my first product from RAMA, and now i want more !!!


yep! silver with poly plate and bottom


Excellent! Itll go well with everything then!:smiley:


Novelias and Tangerines!


Second RAMA canvas - free (Thanks RAMA)
Tangerine x 65


Got my muted addon kit :slight_smile:


Got a Topre Brocaps gamer kit and Brobot from a giveaway that happened a few weeks ago.


/dev/tty finally arrived


Wow, what kits did you get? :open_mouth:

Got my frosted acrylic Tofu case in today

And here it is with blue underglow turned on


I got the Base kit, modifiers, extra modifiers, CMY, international and elven kit:grin:


Yeah I really liked how they packaged their switches this time.


Where did you pick up your retooled mx blacks?