What did you get in the mail today?

I always forget about hotswap PCBs since I really don’t like them for my builds. Although I have been wanting to get a 60% hotswap PCB & few different plates in different material to use as a test bed too. So that makes sense to me!

Just splurge and and order a ton of mill max sockets. I’ve got enough to fill half a glass for any future boards.

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For my purposes that probably would be easier TBH! I really didn’t think about them till you mentioned them, but for a test bed 60% I could go with a PCB that has a dedicated layout. That way I wouldn’t have to worry about the sockets fitting everywhere I want them. The fact that almost all PCBs are swiss cheese nowadays to support numerous layouts is what kept me from using them in the past. I always heard about people using them, but having to solder a handful of switches onto the PCB for everything to work properly. What has your experience been with them?

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Extremely positive. I have skeleton hands and still needed to use tweezers to get them placed, and they can bend easy but I have not had any issues with functionality. I followed the advice of putting them on a switch to align them properly which saved me from a lot of headaches.

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I put 180g springs in kailh speed silvers and soldered them into a TKL. The speed silvers are interesting in that they actuate right at the top, so it’s not all bad, definitely a unique typing experience; but I definitely do regret tying up an awesome board (orange tkl) with such silly switches. It was before hot swap was as ubiquitous and in hindsight I kind of regret it, so I’d say hot swap is definitely the way to go.


I am really on a cable making kick. This is a neon pink/dark purple double sleeved cable for the SA Laser kit when it finally arrives.


That is good advice, thanks for the tips!

Finally got a tub of 205G0 to try out. The re-tooled blacks in my acrylic Clueboard could use a refreshing & I think they’ll be a good switch to use to get used to using 205G0 . While I was browsing switchmod I also came across the DCS Everyster set & sticker pack for it. I couldn’t help myself, ended up grabbing one of each LOL! Heads up though I got a Sadster in my pic which I picked up a while back, the Everyster set does not include one.




POM plates from Ponoko. More photos will be posted in my Tsangan plate design files thread.


What sheet of POM is used here? Do you have a link?

Ponoko supplies POM sheets to cut your layout into.

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Nice case, why not ISO :thinking:

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It’s just what I use. While I’m not planing to sell stuff, I may write an app that provides a platform for selling custom products which I think MK community badly needs yet existing vendors, including Etcy, can’t or won’t meet. It’s still in a brewing phase but one of the key feature I’ve identified is demand measuring tool.

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Realforce rgb tkl and bento :yum:


SA VoC came in and now my Doro67 is complete. The cream colour is a little whiter than I thought it would be but it’s nice and subtle.


XDA Canvas!


No really in the mail, but today i find this :slight_smile:

3 Cherry G81 ISO Be in POM. For less than 10 euros :smile:

My ISO Be family is growing slowly by certainly :slight_smile:


“Your Moon Is Mine Gobbler” by BrewCaps