What did you get in the mail today?


I’ve been told shelf liner works as well, it certainly helps with the hollow sound in my Norbaforce.


From Arrow.com when they had them for 20 cents a piece


This actually came a couple of days ago, but hopefully it still counts. Pre-assembled KBD75 in blue with 67g Zealios and GMK Nautilus. This is the most “high end” board that I’ve bought so far, and I’m in the love with it at the moment. :smiley: (Yes, I know that two of the function keys are swapped – I have rectified the situation.)

I got it with red key backlighting, which I think works surprisingly well.


Today I got 90 Halo Trues, 90 pale blues and 90 Hako Royal Clears.


Halo trues x70


New photo by Chris Panganiban
Got a spare parts pack from @norbauer for my Norbaforce since I’m using it pretty heavily and moving it around a lot so I wanted to make sure I had a spare for the type-c port and such. Fancy type-c cable also works which is a plus.


Hangul sublegend doubleshot alps keycaps :eyes:


This is from Friday, but it’s still new. Ducky x Varmilo MIYA (mac edition). This board is nicer than my custom :joy: I’m so impressed with Varmilo. These stabs are buttery smooth and silent.


I loved my Miya pro Sakura. The extra nav keys were great as it had almost full tkl functionally but I needed some sort of programmability so it was fc660c + hasu for me. But the out of the box quality was amazing. 100% would reccomend this to anyone looking to make the first step to going smaller than TKL.


fc660m was my next choice, but the mac function key compatibility out of the box were the feature that won out in the end. I think I may get an fc980 for work with the same switches that I have now because I use windows in the office. Leopold boards are stunning. I wish I had just gone with one when I got my first keyboard 3 years ago. This style of 65% layout isnt my favorite, but it’s nice to have a small board that just works with my OS.


Got a Second ButtonBear and a clear budai keycap in the mail.


Where did you get those?


Got my M0116 I got off r/mm in today. It even came with the mouse & a griffin i-mate (been looking for one of those forever)! I also got some GMK screw in stabs (2 x 6.25u & 4 x 2u) for my next couple builds. The M0116 got SKCM orange switches I’ll most likely be harvesting out of it. Although I might throw the batch of SKCM damped creams I got back in it after that. The case & spacebar are pretty yellowed, but other than that it’s in really good shape. The switches feel excellent, feels like it really never got much use. At the price I paid it was a definite score! :sunglasses: :metal:


white caps and yellowed abs spacebar might be the next big thing. I actually like the way that looks


Yellowed ABS does have a kinda old school charm to it!



Got some more artisans in the mail. The Swamp Gas Eggface has already been traded away for a Thinmans Fuguthulu.


I can’t wait until you get the Flippy Floppy Whompsnapper. It’ll go well with the Foghorn Fart Face and the Bottom Horny Buckwinger.


Thanks for the colorway names. I’ll have to remember those.


You know where to find me. I work cheap.