What did you get in the mail today?


A pretty big box came in today!

I also got some Zeal v2 switches


And how do you like the tactility?



Featuring cherry MX blacks and Cherry M8 keycaps (similar to DSA, but better)


Pretty sure you have the biggest keyboard in private collection at this point.


Holy moly, that thing is a legit monster. Very nice!


That’s a big one, i’m a little bit jealous !


DSA Alchemy!


Big mail day for me! Got my FC660C from Singapore on /r/mm in one piece. I also got some skateboard wheels and bearing spacers as well as a replacement fan from eBay for my chromebook!


did you buy the Heavy 6 for the FC 660C?


Gotta show off that deck to us!


Tada68 kit came in yesterday. If you have seen one cardboard box suffed in a JCEX envelope stuffed in a DHL envelope, you’ve seen them all really.


I did indeed! I got this one used for $200 the only issue was the seller was on Southeast Asia but he claimed it was worth $100 for customs and it got here without any damage haha

Not exactly “keyboard” related so here’s the 660C too haha


I made them :smiley: I need to do some testing on them before I’ll be happy to sell them!


I got 70 novelias from novelkeys


Today’s mail day had a lot of little things, and one very heavy thing.


Got 3 vials of TriboSys 3203. w00t!


What kit is this? :kissing:




That is a Keycult No.1