What did you get in the mail today?


Box Royals and Novelias and a paralyzing indecisiveness in which to solder first for a new 60% :woman_facepalming:

The custom housing color on Novelias looks so nice - I’ll probably snag an extra GH60 and make both keyboards.


Today I didn’t get DSA Alchemy in the mail. Again.





sweet, a Kailh box switch retooling machine! heehee.


Damn son, did you get your own? Texture analyzers are…not cheap.


jumped on that acrylic tofu train

-Acrylic tofu case
-Steel DZ60 plate

now i just need to get some better stabs and wait for sanctuary :<



It’s gonna be quite the journey. Almost got this working; just need the right version of excel…


A new desk lamp. It’s bigger than I thought it would but I like it more than I thought I would. :man_shrugging: And it’s more flexible for when I need more direct lighting when fiddling with keyboard stuff.

Please excuse the odd colors, the mixture of sunlight and artificial lighting threw off the color balance a bit. :smirk:

And I also bought a cheapo USB-C cable for my Norbaforce while I was at it.


very nice setup, what is the name of the lamp?

KMK Labs


That’s a really aesthetic lamp :smiley:
Also great cable shot


Got my pile o’ XDA Scrabble from the Massdrop group buy. I had planned to purchase a full-size keyboard for these, but with the wonderful timing of the Lumina and SA Symbiosis, my hobby fund is tapped for a little while :sweat_smile:

Also I bought this thing which also ate into my hobby money:



The model is called Hektar, I bought it from Ikea. You can get them in two different models. One, like mine, with wireless charging and a USB port or one without those features.

Yes, the lamp looks pretty cool. Quite happy with it, though it’s definitely on the larger side for my small desk. :relaxed:

And thanks!


My KiiiiiiOpener!


Kii opener, switch puller, stainless steel keycap remover, 1 set of GMK screw on/in stabs.


Where’s this neat cable from?


It’s also from Ikea. :relaxed:


gmk serika & MT3 :sunglasses:


Topre 9009 set


Still waiting for mine but looks pretty good at a glance and legends look reasonably sharp.
That space bar is not from the 9009 space bar kit, right?