What did you get in the mail today?


Looks nice! I didn’t even know that it started shipping yet, hoping to get mine soon. :slight_smile:


No it’s a separate KBDFans spacebar


A sign of things to come :slight_smile:


Espectro, baby! Just happy to hold it in my hot, grubby hands. Looks like some kind of stain or mark on the backplate, but it arrived in good shape overall. Now I just have to put it together.


From a couple of days ago, slowly building my collection of tools :slight_smile:


New phone. Old one had to be plugged in to do anything (not exactly a mobile phone). Sure helped that activation was pretty easy as well with no activation call.


No, I don’t mind double posting. It’s been a pretty good couple of days in terms of mail booty.


Nothing. Canada Post is on strike!

What was I expecting? Nothing. Massdrop delayed the SA Pulse set (to correct some legends so I’m not complaining).


Got a bunch of stuff today & over the past week I’ve been meaning to post.

Two XD60 v.3.0 PCBs & two batches of Outemu Sky switches (one 68g & one 62g, although they were both supposed to be 68g) from DeskCandy, a set of GMK screw in stabilizers from Novelkeys, & a short black TRRS cable from Keebio.

I also got a bunch of Outemu ICE no slit tops (they work great for reducing wobble with Halo stems!) & two drill bits for re-tooling bottom housings from hbheroinbob. Then a stainless steel 60% plate from Panc Interactive which I am really happy with! The pic doesn’t show it well but it’s powdercoated black with a starlight shimmer finish which looks sharp AF. Here’s a slightly better pic, but it still doesn’t do it justice.


A vintage calcalculator with VFD tubes (not Nixie) and mechanical keyswitches


Excited to see some dank Bro wins from the last sale. They should be making their way to everyone’s door soon.


Not a bro win but got some good stuff on my doorstep today.

Got my topre 9009 weeb alphas in the mail today. Now I’m just waiting for the Norbachad to finish it off

I also got a Scaredcrow from TXD today. His packaging and presentation is on point in my opinion and I’m glad I was able to grab it from the maker himself rather then buy it on the aftermarket.


Hot dang those alphas look so good. Also translucent artisans are the best!


New GMK Neon for my 60% :blush:


now i just need my switch opener, my plate from panc and some free time…


k i n g [BOXR x RAMA]


How’d you like your plate from Panc? i got one recently & was very happy with it!


I haven’t received it yet unfortunately. I placed my order like a week or two ago. How did you like yours?


I’m very happy with it, look up a few post & I believe i have some pics of it in this thread. :+1:


Oh yeah I do see your pics. That’s actually the same color that I chose for my new build. Looks really nice, can’t wait. Do you have any pics of it installed?