What direction do switches go?

Should the led holes be towards me or away from me? I’m not doing leds. I just want to learn the right way.

it depends on the PCB, they go in whichever way has the metal pins going into the metal holes on the PCB

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I’m hand wiring, so I guess that means either is fine? Would it matter if I was adding leds?

yeah either way is fine then, generally having the LEDs facing the edge of the board furthest away from you will result in better light distribution if you have shine through keycaps, but you shouldn’t have any compatability issues I believe.


Led on the south side are more compatible with any keycap profile, as north facing led switches tend to make thick cherry profile keycaps (Epbt, GMK, etc.) to hit the housings on certain rows and create clack sounds. That can be fixed too by adding some washers that can be found for sale but add extra trouble+work+cost.

TLDR: South side led preffered


What is the south side? The one towards me?

Explanation video :

@kodama Yes, towards you.



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