What does your Norba[force/touch/heavy-6] sound like?

And what did you do to get yours sounding the way it does?

Here’s a recording of my Norbatouch (Novatouch):

Edit: Welp, I can’t seem to get an mp3 to play here properly… here’s the link to the file:
Jeff’s norbatouch audio
Edit 2: Hmm… it now seems to play inline. Go figure.

• Silence-x rings
• Slider legs lubed with Krytox 205
• Stabs lubed with dielectric grease
• Small bits of Latex foam around the spacebar’s long stab
• Removed spring from space bar
• Sorbothane pad in the bottom of the case
• Keycaps are Leopold double-shot PBT

Could you elaborate on this? My spacebar is super loud in my FC660C

Alas, I didn’t take photos, but I will next time I open it up.