What groupbuys are you most looking forward to?

What are your favourite upcoming keysets, cases, switches, anything keyboard related really?


I’m personally looking forward to GMK Bento.

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For me its GMK Bento and GMK wavez


Keysets: JTK Arctic + Hyperfuse (active GB), ePBT slate + grayscale + royal alpha

Keyboards: Xeno 75%, RAMA U80-A

DSA Scientific looks like it is going to be pretty cool.

And obviously, I have to mention Godspeed MT3.


Yeah I’m down for those. I’d also like to see another round of Jukebox!

GMK Samurai Blue, GMK Calm Depths, FEI Switch, and of course the new Panda switch just for the memes

KAM Wraith!


Right now I’ve been holding back on making any big KB related buys as money is tight, but JTK Arctic, Hyperfuse, & their new triple shot Cyrillic sets are all looking really nice! Definitely planning on grabbing at least one of the triple shot sets (would love to have both the black & white sets for the awesome combos) & am very close to biting the bullet on the Arctic set.

So JTK and EBT are really up and coming, huh?

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Yes absolutely! JTK & ePBT sets are both high quality & priced great IME. TBH with the pricing discrepancy between JTK & GMK I find myself leaning more & more towards JTK. Now don’t get me wrong, GMK is still the high quality king when it comes newly produced Cherry profile doubleshot ABS sets. Although JTK is closing in on those levels of quality fast & coming in at half the price, definitely some food for thought when buying caps sets!

Epbt is amazing value and quality especially at their price point. Their caps are nice and t h i c c.


DSA Scientific and Zilents 67g.

Also I’m really hoping for another big Canvas XDA run.

I forgot about Verne!

GMK Metaverse, Zeal V2’s, FEI Switch, the Volcano660 gasket board, and whatever 65% Mike at Novelkeys is cooking up

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GMK Metaverse, GMK DMG, GMK Bento, ePBT Kuro/Shiro, JTK Hypersomethingorother.

Those JTK trays are pretty fancy when I got 2 with my JTK WoB and according to a certain vendor (you may be able to guess) they’re apparently worth $18 a piece… So that’s even more value to add to JTK if that matters.

I think there’s a theme with videogame/ weeb culture that gets me suckered in every time.


For switches:

  • Novelkeys Creams

  • Zeal v2s (all of them)

For keycaps:

  • GMK Bento

  • GMK DMG (I’m kinda 50/50 on this, love the colorway a bit more than the price)

  • Tripleshot JTK Cyrillic

  • GMK Jamon (soon according to @Zambumon)

  • GMK Nautilus Nightmares (probably not as soon -_-)

  • GMK Olive (Q1 or Q2 2019 for GB according to @olivia IIRC)

For Keyboards:

  • Alf X1.1 (just paid shipping invoice yay)

  • Unigo66 (Shipping invoice next week hopefully?)

  • TX60 Antique Copper Finish (my 2nd TX60; but the finish looks amazing)

  • Novelkeys 65%

  • Zephyr (Still on track for December shipping according to Zeal)

  • Staccato


There are probably more that I should put down when I think of them. :thinking:

edit: and Verne

I actually really love the look of ePBT Kuro/Shiro, but it feels wrong to spend money on something so simple.

Vulcano 660

All upcoming epbt sets

Novelkeys Cream
V2 Zilents

GMK Wavez
R2 GMK Yuri
GMK Shoko
EPBT Slate
I want something new in SA
GMK Olive

Lumina (on order)
CA66 (on order)
Heavy-6 (on order)
Xeno 75%
I want something weird from Gray Studio
Zambumon Verne
Aquaria 60%
hbcp 1800
Realforce RGB TKL