What is on your desk today?


Please recenter your wallpaper it bothers me.

Also, your desk is begging for a deskmat, but it has to be the right design as its hard to make that sweet sweet wood look even better than it already looks.



Wallpaper off-center how so?


Theres a oiece of the creative brain on the leftside


Just another Planck with laser.


I love the all white board!!


Today I have my newly built Iris split keyboard

still getting used to the layout (while coding the layout in qmk )


Got that powder pink on deck today!


This a 40%layout PCB with BLE named Chicory, here is a prototype of it matching case.
The case manufactured by ALF, it’s a white aluminum 6061 CNC case.


Wow that’s nice! Is the pcb available somewhere?


(really poor phone edit XD)
My current setup until I find a decent wrist rest. Just added the Elecom HUGE to the mix and i am loving it, super comfortable. Great first trackball for sure.


What keycaps are those? Oblivion grey with monochrome mods?


Full size IBM 3278. Link to restoration gallery- IBM 3278 Restoration


Is that a single slab of brass?!



My first 60% and my first split layout:

Waiting on some blanks to arrive to replace the upside-down SHIFT key :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s amazing


Just got the sorbothane installed in the NightFox. It is A LOT quieter. It no longer has that hollow sound to it and none of the echo from the keys. I can now use it at work pretty safely. Before doing this, it was by far one of the loudest boards I have ever used, clicky switch boards included. Now it is one of the quieter boards I have.

One thing that is somewhat notable is that the keys do feel slightly less tactile than they did before.

A nice quick mod. Only about 10 minutes to cut to size and fit in the case. I would highly recommend doing this if the noise of the WhiteFox/NightFox drives you crazy.


Very cool, thanks for the followup. I’ve always thought about trying it out but I’m not as picky about how my keebs sound as some.


No problem! Typically in the same boat. Only reason I cared was because I want to bring it into my office, but it was way too loud.

Edit: been using it all day, this may be the best sounding and feeling board I have now.