What is on your desk today?


DZ60 with brass plate, BOX Navy switches, walnut case, MT3 dev/tty/ keycaps R2


Love those caps. Legends look great this time around!


I am quite pleased with how they turned out. They’re crisp, straight, and centred, and at least for me, all the right orientation!


How did you get that Kishsaver?
That looks beautiful, the ortho game on it is awesome.
It kind of makes me think of a dream keyboard that I tend to think about.
A ortho board that will be able to fit a standard keyset.
Alphas and Numbers/F-keys would be set in ortho fashion with the mods in the same location but just kind of fanned out in a weird set of wings.


Orange alps <Lubed, Paper Modded>


My desk is always like this.

How do people take cool photos of their keyboards?

I tried…


Do you have the KVM hub/Switch box connector and cables to properly use it? I have the big brother with the three color LCD screens that I bought NOS but have no way of using it!


Archon RE:AL Superior EX (Duck-designed), “Nopre” lubed 65g with GMK SoWaRe


I grabbed the prototype case from keyboardbelle.com. There were a couple of prototypes up for sale, I imagine there will be more up for sale when the design is finalized.


ProVan with GMK 9009 and lubed jailhouse blues


Clueboard with /dev/try
Cherry mx reds


Brass Plate (I think HHKB style make more sense for brass, but :woman_shrugging: )
Cherry Blues (Stock)
GMK 9009
1UpKeyboards RGB 60%
Cassette Case Prototype no one else has yet :wink:

  • Keycap: Cubic Troubled Minds (Cubic Willy Wonka alphas + Cubic Jukebox Mint modifiers)
  • Plate: Brass plate from 1Upkeyboards.com
  • PCB: DZ60
  • Switch: Outemu Sky w/Sky top lubed with Tribosys 3204 and 65g SPRiT spring
  • Case: Pok3r case


Very nice, gonna have to pick this up when its available!


I don’t have the kvm hub but I do have the connector box and proper cable. If you DM on discord, I can link you to both.


ChicoryBLE in black and white.


nice! wat pad is that with the f rows and numkeys??


Thanks! It’s the Prime_M


  • TX1800v2 Titan Grey, brass plate, vintage black stems in zeal bottoms, cherry tops (filmed), 65g SPRIT springs on alphas, 63.5g on mods, lubed with Krytox 106 and victorinox multioil
  • M6-A Special Edition Moon, Revo Whites, stock springs 62g, lubed with 104 and 106
    Keycaps are a mix between Cherry OG WoB and ePBT 9009


Just got my 1800mini