What is on your desk today?


Hello, new here :slight_smile:

A lot of amazing boards on this thread !

My actual setup, hope you like it :grinning:


I don’t always buy deskmats but when I do, they are very nice.


What did you think of the Elecom Deft pro compared to the Huge?


Nice picture I shot this morning, opened the blinds a bit and a lovely ray of sunshine crossed my setup :slight_smile:

Freshly powedercoated white YAS with GMK Honeywell. The powdercoat isn’t perfect, I can’t put the weight back in, had to work it to get the case to close and one of the screws can’t be used anymore, the tap broke (luckily one at the back). But, I absolutely love and adore it.

Vintage blacks, 62cns springs on the alpha’s, 68cns on the mods, all with films and lubed with 3204.
And offcourse my trusted tiger macro pad :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s a nice setup you have there.


Nothing super fancy or anything. Waiting on a few GB caps to arrive in the following months. I’m very happy about my full setup though. Nice and clean! :slight_smile:


Just got RAMA canvas in. Really nice quality desk mat.


I’m jealous, love the caps !


Alice, Wearing EPBT BoW on top of Nixie undergarments


Just finished lubing these Kailhstotles. I only lubed the springs with GPL 105.
First impressions: They feel somewhat inconsistent.
Now waiting for my wooden case to arrive.


Helix as my main driver; planck rev6 in testing.


Rebuilt my canoe to rid it of box switches, so today I’m enjoying this

Honey-well-lubed Gateron blacks

It’s kinda dreamy to type on


Hopefully tonight I’ll have a great picture to show you all :eyes:


I get a feeling it’s something Heavy. Hype!


These canoes just always turn out stunning.


Is that milkshake? looks really clean.


indeed. Milkshake samples.


YDKB 1800mini with GMK nautilus, “45” artisan keycaps, MX brown RGB. I really like the “wrapped switch hole” since “Diyer72” came out in 2016, and finally I got it with a satisfied layout.
Just take better photos under sunshiny again.


I wonder if the gray from GMK Burgundy mods is the same as the gray from Honeywell mods…I’m thinking Burgundy Mods + OG Cherry Black on beige for a close look …


Honeywell uses custom colors. The gray is GR4 and a bit lighter than the N9 used on Burgundy modifiers.

You can see in the above photo how the N9 backspace (from my Dolch set), is a little darker

Speaking of Dolch… Honeywell looks pretty nice with Dolch cyan :star_struck: