What is on your desk today?




Clueboard with lubed Zilents, and Mod PBT keycaps.


Not my desk, but rather on a cafe’s desk :sunny:


On my desk but I moved it to get this shot.
Details: Moon TKL with lubed C3 Tangerine Milky Bottom Switches, r1 9009 PBT keycaps, Brass Plate, C3 LDN RGB 80% PCB, lubed GMK stabilizers.


Woke up this morning and decided that I should try to dome swap my 55g domes from my Realforce into my HHKB. I also took the extra spring from the space bar in my Realforce and used it for the HHKB space bar because I like that extra weight as I can be pretty heavy handed.

Bottom line. I like the HHKB significantly more than I did before with the heavier domes because I feel like I can actually rest my fingers on the keys now, but I think overall I like the feel of the Realforce with 55g domes best. Will I switch back? I don’t know it was a bit more annoying than I initially thought it’d be to dome swap. It was nice typing on an almost standard ANSI layout again for a bit. Think I may be getting tired of Topre though, so I may end up selling both of those boards to fund a build with a new hotswap board and Halo Trues.


So sexy! :smiley:


Last little bit of sunshine for the year :stuck_out_tongue:


Get two pieces YDPM40BLE PCBs, still no idea how to make these.




Snappy, smooth, and joyfully loud

  • switch: Halo stem, Bsun housing, 65g spring, lubed w/3204 lube
  • plate: brass
  • PCB: GH60
  • case: Tofu


New look for my Novatouch. Can’t wait for my Norbatouch to arrive.


Keycult No.1 in military green with brass plate and weight, built with Gat Yellows and finished with Skidolcha. It is one heavy boy.



Leeku MX1800 PCB, Cherry MX silent black, Cherry 1800 case and OG Cherry caps combined with GMK caps.


Hawwww, a g80-1800 :heart_eyes:


My desk is pretty exciting sometimes


Get force curvy!


Damn I’d like to get my hands on that keyset!



Some topre love with my new KBDfan 9009 set. I’m bummed that I didn’t get the color enter,ESC and spacebar.

However I had a spicy spacebar on deck to give it a bit of pop!

What you guys think?