What is on your desk today?


Can the Novatouch be made programmable?


This is my desk setup earlier


Only through something like Karabiner Elements. This can change the overall keystrokes at the OS level but the actual keyboard isn’t programmable which is kinda sad since it’s so good.


Shift keys are a bit out of alignment but HHKB 9009 is reasonably priced and looks great.


9009 is so sexy, best keyset EVER for me :slight_smile:


I use Hasu’s Usb-to-Usb converter to make mine programmable.


I like this. Very understated. Feel like the keyboard just says “Yeah, I’m a keyboard. Use me to type and then leave me alone.”


I’m using Karabiner Elements. It reasonably effective and disables MBP keyboard automatically too.


This is the abomination I deal with at work.

k̫͟i̻̤̜̻͜l̖̱̞͈̙̝l ̹̮͝m̗̝̗̙̠̖͡e̯͇̘̰.


here is my messy desk :grin:


One of the best stock keyboards around IMO.


Black carbon fiber Ljd60 and zealios with that Taro


Taro looking really nice!


Helix Rev2 at the work office


  • PC Singa - Brass universal plate, brass weight
  • GMK screw-in stabs - clipped, lubed with Permatex and Tribosys 3204
  • C³ Tangerine (black bottom) - Housing and stem lubed with 104, 63.5g SPRIT springs lubed with Krytox 106
  • ePBT 9009


where do you get your SPRIT springs from?


You can order directly from his website now. Shipping to Germany usually takes between 1-2 weeks. If you can, buy springs in bulk or together with others since it’s a flat shipping rate (up to a point)


What caps are those :o




Nice and clean! What’s that screen in the middle?