What is on your desk today?




This is my desk:
New photo by Drashna Jael

New photo by Drashna Jael


Is that cable going through the coil?


This is the first time I’ve loved non-stock caps on the white fox. Very nice.



Just finished installing 3d printed MX spacebar stabs. Now I impatiently wait for the retro refrigerator Norbaforce.


The housings actually arrived to me just before I headed out here for the Seattle keyboard meet-up, and the Retros should be on their way out to the powder coating facility next week! :slight_smile:


That wrist rest! Does it glow in the dark? I wanted one but GB is long closed. Found Orange Studio on Taobao, but they don’t ship internationally.


No glow in the dark, but it’s pretty nice! I really like it.



I FINALLY have my pearl all kitted out with laser and am trying to get used to the layout. I need to reprogram it to make it tolerable to use for basic web surfing and posting to forums but holy hell does it look nice.


Wow that is one beautiful looking board! Hope your sleeve is working out with the Pearl!

Just stick with it. Eventually a 40% will be like second nature before you know it and you’ll forget it’s not a bigger keeb!


Love the caps! Where’d you get them?


MechMerlin was kind enough to give me my first alps board today at the Seattle meetup! So far it’s pretty fun to type on :sunglasses:


I haven’t taken it to a meetup yet but it fits great! Just wish you offered your cases in purple :smirk:


Just out of curiosity, what’s the finish like on your cases before you send them off to be powder coated?


Yes it is going through the coil :wink:


If you haven’t already switched to QMK I’d highly recommend it as I found it far more convenient and flexible. There are a few keymaps available but I’ve been happy with mine and use it as my daily now.


Nice! Pizza and a Pearl? Sounds like a good combination!


Glimy DSA 2077, it was on Massdrop a while back.