What Is QMK Compatible Based On?

Yeah for more advanced QMK features, you can take the source files generated by kbfirmware and try your hand and porting them to a newer version of QMK.

Hello @yanfali, I’ve made some progress. Since previous post, I finished hand wiring my keyboard (bastardized TKL with all keys to the right of F12 removed), wired into a Teensy 2.0. Also have figured out how to build the keymap, compile using KBFirmware and then flash the board in Windows (prefer Linux) using QMK Toolbox.

As a side note I am able to compile a hex file in Linux beginning with an existing QMK keyboard, just haven’t figured out how to manage the c or h files to edit the original board to match mine.

Anyway when you mentioned getting to advanced QMK features using “kbfirware source files” are you referring to the hex file or something else? I don’t see an option in kbfirmware for source files. Thank you.

Look under the compile tab. There’s a download.zip file. It should contain the generated source code.

Wow! Thanks. It’s amazing what becomes visible when someone opens their eyes and reads.

Thank you @yanfali, downloaded source and it worked great!

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