What is your favorite keycap profile?


The site doesn’t let you change your answer? What would have been your choice?


Other (specify: M0110)

(they’re also nice thick PBT)


It just did let me change. Guess you gotta reload the page to see the radio buttons again.

It’s hard for me to pick just one, but right now it’s cherry profile. But I also like DSA, both versions of SA, g20, OEM is okay, but not what I would regularly pick except for a cheap set.


Definitely cherry for me. OEM and DCS are also nice, but I like the lower profile of cherry.


Cherry profile looks like it’s gonna win this one. I mean I can definitely see why as I love the comfort Cherry profile offers myself. Although as for my favorite, I went with sculpted SA. I just love the feel & sound of SA. Add in sculpting & I’m in typing nirvana! :sunglasses: Really want to get a MT3 set, got to try them out at Keycon & could see myself loving it as much as sculpted SA. Also looking forward to the few half height sculpted profiles that are in the works right now. :metal:


It seems like Cherry overwhelmingly wins. I had no doubt that Cherry profile is popular but didn’t expect it to garner more than 50% of the votes and I also didn’t expect SA to be this unpopular. I haven’t tried Cherry profile. Makes me curious to try it but it’s hard to go low profile when you’re in love with SA and there’s the upcoming MT3 and DSS. Aside from OEM and Filco SA, the only profile I’ve tried is from my very first mech board, IBM Model M2 not the original Model M. What profile does it use anyway? Seems like close to modern OEM.


Voting SA sculpted for now, but that might change in a month or so when my first MT3 set comes in :slight_smile:

I’ve tried Cherry and DSA otherwise, and they are fine, but I like the look and feel of a tall, sculpted set :blush:


What do you think of uniform R3 SA?


I haven’t had the chance to try that yet. Maybe someday I can pick up a Godspeed Cockpit set or something :stuck_out_tongue:


SP’s Nuclear Data Base Set is currently available just recently if you’re interested. I myself am interested but another MT3 drop is said to be coming so I’m going for that instead. If only I have tons of money lol this hobby surely kills wallet.


I really like the look of SA, but I find it slows my typing down.


What’s funny is that I like XDA better but I type better on Cherry.


MDA is the best.


I’ve never seen MDA before but it looks really clean, I like it :slight_smile:


Looks nice. Is it sculpted? Where did you buy it?


Favorite to type on is Topre profile. Favorite to look at is either SA or HiPro. Cherry as a close second in both categories.


Devlin Q Series.

I wish a Chinese factory would clone everything about it except the QC and missing profile caps.


It is a mixture of decent sculpture and proper stepping.