What’s good y’all, I’m Van-Storm

I’m semi-new to the keeb community, having built a couple but not nearly as deep in the rabbit hole as some of you. I’m getting into building my own acrylic cases and designing pcbs. I’m very interested in the -est I can get in keyboards. The smoothest switches, the smallest board, the coolest keycaps, etc. my method for achieving this goal is experimentation and throwing things together until something works. My reason for joining this community is that I was attracted to the mission statement of creating a place where people could talk seriously about all aspects of keyboards. I started in the Reddit and Discord communities, but the unnecessary segmentation of them turned me off. Also, I was annoyed by the inability of noobs to read the rules. I’m hoping that I can find a place for intellectual discussion and q&a here.


Hey! You’re the dude who posts on r/switchmodders a lot! Good luck with your mission!

What’s your favorite keyboard and keyboard modification so far?


My favorite keyboard is probably the Butterstick, since it introduced me to chording, and my favorite modification is the foreskin mod, because, while I have yet to try it, it’s very niche, hack-y, and looks very nice.

have you got a link to this foreskin mod?

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Here you go.

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I promised cursed layouts, and I’m here to deliver on that promise. I give you: the l o n g40.

I’m probably going to end up unironically making this, and I already have plans for a drop in ortho pcb.


That’s actually pretty cute

I’m putting the F-row back on because y’all can’t behave


now that’s cursed