What switches have you tried and not quite liked?

I’m partial towards linears, but I quite like the traditional tactiles (so Ergo Clears, Zealios V1, etc). However, for the life of me I just cannot stand typing on tactiles where the bump is right at the top of the keypress. I don’t know what it is, but I just find it grating. I’ve used BOX Browns and Kailh Pro Purples and distinctly hated typing on them both.

A close second would be pre-retool MX Blues - awful sound & tactility, and scratchy.

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I had Hako Trues that went into the whitefox kickstarter that I got into. Biggest keyboard regret of my life thus far. I got hooked by the whole Topre mimic lingo as well and from then on have been very wary of keyboard hype and the language used to describe new keyboard products.


Otemu Sky Switches, i knew they were budget but even after switching springs and lubing then they still didn’t feel acceptable.
And their stem is kind of small so good thing my POM keycaps fit but everything else sometimes flies off. :(.
Still ordered Otemu U4s, after all the good reviews, just hoping to get an mx equivanlent of bke light domes.

Box royals, their bump is just wrong and does not feel good at all. :frowning:

Anything light linear makes me mistype to much…

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I’ve learned that if I want the topre experience, just buy the real thing lmao.


I hate the zealios v2. And kailh box tactiles. Pandas are fine though (if you think panda are harsh it is your build not the switch).

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Silent switches of both the tactile and linear variety

Arctos Switches

Most box tactile switches

Most box linear switches

All speed switches


Who the heck is using these “speed” switches anyway? I play a lot of overwatch and I kept using my shift ability accidentally because of those dumb switches.


I am. I love speed navies. When the issues with kailh box switch stems was brought to light, I ended up getting rid of all of mine that I could. I was really missing that heavier click bar switch action so I decided to replace my box navies with speed navies to see if they were a decent replacement, and while they obviously feel a bit different, I ended up preferring the speed navies over the box variant, and still use them in a couple of boards.

I could see that since they have a stiff event at the top. But linear speed switches are a mess. It’s like having a touch screen keyboard. You can’t get near the keys without a press event.

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I have some speed silvers that are a lot of fun! I did put 150g springs in there though :thinking:

It’s actually a really interesting combo because even though they are super heavy the speed silvers actuate right at the top so if you use a super light touch you don’t have to push them very hard, but if you really push on them it’s fatiguing after like two words. If you were at the 2017 or 2018 Northern California meetup you might have seen it, it’s a fox orange tkl with a badge that says ‘swag’; that board always gets some interest.


Box Navies
I liked them initially but ended up disliking the harshness and loudness.

MX Clears
I didn’t hate them but my fingers were always really fatigued after even short typing sessions. It’s odd considering I’ve been very happy with other heavy switches, like BKE Heavies.

MX Browns
My first mechanical switch. They were all right until I tried something else. I guess I don’t have to justify why… :joy:

Buckling springs
Just not my cup of tea, I guess. I want to like them but I can’t. “Too mechanical” would be the best way to describe it. :man_shrugging:t2:

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I wonder if it has to do with how harsh the bottom out may or may not be.

Personally, I find that medium-weight switches with a harsh bottom-out are more fatiguing to me than heavy-weight switches with a normal or dampened one. Similarly, progressive spring linears that actuate normally but with very heavy bottom-out weights are less tiring to me than the medium weight harsh tactiles.

This Halo stem frankenswitch is one of my favorite switches ever in terms of being fun to use - but they wear me out and having them as my only switch wouldn’t be ideal, because they migh thave the harshest bottom-out of any switch I’ve tried so far.

Ditto on the Whitefox Hako True switches. Really my first mechanical, but it took so long to arrive that I bought an Anne Pro. Still I keep coming back to the board wanting to like it, but the switches are too stiff. I’m still on the fence about desoldering the board or just selling it. Mostly because I’ve never desoldered.

You know what’s hilarious - my whitefox is just sitting around half desoldered because halfway through desoldering I was like, what’s the point? I don’t think I would ever have the motivation to rebuild it now that I’ve been spoiled by some much nicer keyboards. I suppose I could sell it, though I’m not quite sure what the market would be on a whitefox these days.

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I built a 75% board with Zealios v2 Purple 78g and just swapped out the alphas for plain Gateron Browns - I thought I’d like the weight of the 78g - but it became fairly tiring.