What's the best stablizers for 3mm acrylic?

I’m having some acrylic laser cut for a one off board I’m building. I need to know what the best way to add stabs are for this.

Have you considered PCB stabs?

PCB stabs work with 3mm plates, but you need to use bumpons or other material around 2.5mm thick to properly space the pcb and plate to ensure there is no pressure on the stab wires and that they can move freely. Switches do not clip in fully to plates that thick.

Do you mean screw the PCB stab into the acrylic? Do you have pictures of what your talking about? I think I understand.

I understand switches don’t clip properly into 3mm plate, but I don’t want to spend the money to cut metal plate yet.

My plan is to file off the locking clip that normally holds onto the plate and use a dab of superglue to hold the stab in place. I’m just making sure there isn’t a better way.

The stabilizer would be in its standard position on the PCB

Unfortunately, the board doesn’t have mounts for stabs.

MX Plate mount Stabilizer modification for use on 3mm plates

Thank you. That’s close to my plan and it’s really helpful to have a guide with measurements. I probably wouldn’t have thought to file off the top two squares or leave the bottom right piece.