What's the one keyboard you regret parting with?


What’s the one that got away in keyboards for you?


So far I have no regrets in terms of boards I’ve sold but I regret not getting in the TGR Alice and SA Oblivion GBs.


That’s good. I probably have countless GBs I regret not getting in on like the QXP and Lumina if I had to think of two in recent memory


I’m too new to the hobby to regret selling stuiff. Most of the stuff I have sold is stock, and not all that rare so I could get it back if I really wanted too.

As far as regrets on GBs I’ve missed, lots there. Most recently, 65% boards like Doro67, Canoe, and Kayak (while the laser was still active for making cases). I just found out about KBD67, which is same layout, so all that miss may be mitigated and I am still planning on building a Kayak if MKUK sells the acrylic cases as planned.


I regret not getting into the Corian GB, since life got in the way :c


Nothing in regards to boards, but I regret getting rid of SA Nantucket Selectric and Modern Selectric. it’s one of the reasons that I don’t sell keysets anymore.


Considering Modern Selectric is a Grail set this post hurts me. I wish either SP or someone in the community would rerun it with updated compatibility for all the weird stuff out now.


I’m still in the hoarding phase of my affliction so no regrets on anything I’ve sold, as they were all off the shelf boards or key sets. Missing out on GBs though that is a different story, I’d have a list a mile long if I put them all down here. Although top two that I regret not being able to join would have to be the Heavy-6 (that one seriously hurts my heart, but bills come first unfortunately :sob:) & the Zephyr.


The reason I like going to meetups so much is because I can look at all the stuff I passed by for various reasons and talk to the happy owners. Somehow, it’s ok that I don’t have all the things, so long as someone does, and they enjoy nerd-time show and tell.


That zenith Nathan Kim was selling. I still look at pictures of it sometimes and pretend I own it. Surely another will come up one day


Very much regret missing Lumina as well :’(

Had planned on joining, but by the time I got around to it, it was shortly after midnight after the GB ended :’(


The one that I most regret selling was a Filco Majestouch 2 with silent reds in the lambo aluminum case, pegasus hoof controller, and GMK Skeletor on it. The attached picture has Plum on the board, but it eventually took Skeletor from the other board.


Leopold FC200R w/ MX Blacks.

The KUL ES87 is a step down IMHO.


Why do you say a step down?

Most people not suuuper knowledegable with OEM boards probably wouldn’t suspect that :thinking:


KUL ES87 is not terrible by any means. But the sample I received had super scratchy switches and rattling stabilizers. I had no such issues with any of my FC200R boards.

Also the FC200R was my first - and you never forget your first [unless it was terrible… :expressionless:]


I really regret not joining the AEK64 from Clueboard. I’ve been getting into alps builds and it’s pretty hard to find certain parts.


I think you can actually still get into the buy, but I would contact the GB leader first. The site still seems to be accepting orders. https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=97020.msg2679183#msg2679183


I regret selling my Mechmini 2. Needed money at time.


Omnikey 102 - Gold badge with the smoothest blue alps! I don’t truly regret selling it as I don’t have the room nor desire to collect vintage boards, but man them blue alps were awesome - better than the custom TKL I built. It helps that the recipient collects omnikeys and this was his only missing varient :smiley: