What's up guys! Rob27shred checking in & on board with the new site


Same me, new place. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Still a huge mech enthusiast, still a religious metal head (Lamb of God, Megadeth & Trivium has been my soundtrack lately if anyone is wondering), still playing the guitar & not getting as good as I want to be at it, still gaming when I can, & still working as a painter/carpenter. :tired_face:

Anyways figured I check in & say hi. Looking forward to the new site & what grows out of it! :metal:


Hey Rob. Good talking to you at Keycon. I didn’t know you were a metal-head. Those are definitely some of my favs.


Hey, was good talking to you too! Hopefully we run into each other at future meetups, sounds like we have more than keebs to discuss! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :metal: Definitely be BSing with you on here too, not sure if there is a friend or follower option on here yet but feel free to add me if there is!


Heck yeah. I’m sure we will find stuff to talk about. I’m also down for more meetups in the future.