Whats your favourite item in your collection?

So far for me, its my Clueboard. My girlfriend bought it for me for my latest birthday.

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My ~3200g mx black switch :^) It allows me to use my Model M as an artisan for that switch (doesn’t actuate the key). It uses a spring from a 6x6 rubik’s cube (Yuxin Red 6x6 if anyone’s curious).

Do you hit it with a mallet to get it to register?

I wasn’t sure how to answer this one, going to go for my most used. I own a lot of more expensive and bigger boards but.

Cyan mm2. This little guy ends up in rotation every week. Vintage blacks with 104 and 63.5g springs with lightcycle. Love it.

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Wew thats spicy. The rose classes it up

i’m amazed the switch doesnt pop open on its own with that kind of load on it

my favourite board right now is my 55g realforce, but it’s not really that special. my most unique boards are probably a bunch of weird pcbs that i’ve built. i have a first generation let’s split, which isnt super rare but is definitely much more scarce than the new ones (and a much bigger pain to build), a prototype amtra40 which was cancelled before the group buy could go through, and a first run pain27 pcb (which is kind of cheating, but i’m still proud of it).

That’s a very, very pretty board. Cyan life!

My favorite item is also not currently being used cause I messed it up a long time ago. It’s a SIIG minitouch that was among the first few mechanical keyboards that I got. I love the form factor and the feel of the clicky white alps in it.

Unfortunately, when either cleaning it or trying to understand it better, I snapped the stem off the enter key. The switch was replaceable, but I haven’t been able to ind a good solution for the enter key replacement yet. I still have the enter key somewhere, but I’m having trouble finding it now. Once I do, I’m going to try to do a stem swap on it.

But it’s my favorite because it’s small and compact and I ended up getting it for free because it was labeled $3 and I was going to put it on my debit card cause I don’t/didn’t carry cash with me at the time but the clerk at the store got annoyed that I was going to charge that little on a card and told me to just take it. So, I got it for free and then managed to bork it. :frowning:

Easy! My Canoe for sure!

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My KeyForge Sour Diesel set.

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My daily driver, M65-A!

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corsair k63 wireless baby. we out here.

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Probably my MIRA:

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Definitely my KN2.10 and SA Blood Shadow (sometimes Led Zep)