Which QMX silence switches, do I need plate mount or pcb?


I am new to keyboards and boy have I gone down a few rabbit holes the past few days and now I am here!

I am looking at making my k70 special edition a bit quieter and I’m not sure which qmx switches I need to order? I think it’s the plate mount but I’m not for sure.

Do I want the pcb or the plate mounted ones?

I can’t post a link but I was looking at buying them from uniqey dot net so if you aren’t sure what I’m talking about but want to try and help you can check them out there.

Maybe you guys have used those and think they are bad and have a better suggestion?

Thanks for the help, I greatly appreciate it!

You’ll want plate mount. They’re honestly not great but your options are pretty limited to either the clips or O-Rings when modifying a stock keyboard. If you’re interested in saving a few bucks, I’ve got a set of 110 I haven’t touched.

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Thanks for the answer hadi, I appreciate it. I’m interested in saving a few bucks if yours are new, I don’t make much money :’(

Word of warning - if you have Cherry Silver Speed switches, then it may or may not give you a benefit - the stem is slightly longer in the Speed compared to the Reds, and it might not make contact with the silencing pads. Granted, I don’t know for sure, but if there’s anyone who has QMX clips (and switches with Cherry housings and either Speed or Kailh Burgundy/other longer linear stems), can you please check it out before Nemesis possibly wastes their money?

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Thanks for the warning, I do have the cherry silver speed switches with the special edition. If anyone could test and let me know that would be awesome!

Hello! Were you interested in selling yours? I was just curious how much?