Which Switch: Gateron Ink


Amazing review! As always! Huey, at all times you’re the source of knowledge on keyboards I need.

I’ve got some ink switches in my hotswap board right now. I really like them. I had to lube the srings, but other than that, I am happy with them stock.

Do you guys think the Inks are a substansial upgrade from regular Gat yellows or blacks? I’m struggling seeing where this switch is suppossd to fit in their catalouge. I know they are using a new plastic forumula for them, but if they end up feeling just like regular Gat linears with less wobble I can’t see the point in them with the huge pricing difference.

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I’d say they are worth it if you prefer not to add lube. Although I did have to lube the springs.

If you’re going to lube it makes more sense to just get yellows or blacks

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That makes sense, so they’re kinda like Tealios then where lube doesnt make a huge difference in smoothness. I guess with them being cheaper than Tealios (sans when Zeal has pre-orders for the newest rd) they got a place in the market. I wonder if Gateron plans on doing these in a silent version?

Has anyone here used both Creams and Inks? They both advertise a 70g bottom out but the INKs subjectively feel heavier to me (I realize inks are 60g actuation and creams 55g, but I’m talking about just bottom out).

Just curious on other’s thoughts and which one feels the most “correct”. The measurements here seem to confirm inks are about 70g

I don think they anything worth switching for. They’re smoother (barely noticible) and they sound great unlubed. I have yet to lube the switches

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