Work is giving me 200 bucks for a board

I do design/cad/video/audio, I use shortcuts 95% of my time and the rest is typing emails.

Work on macs past 10 years, the placement of cmd button right under X is engrained in my muscle memory. I want a MX board that has a layout with one modifier right under X or 0.25u shifted to the left. All boards I’ve seen have it at least 0.5u shifted. Tried that, strains my wrist.

Work is funding my home office. I can spend more than 200 but would get back just 200.

Found one board that I like the layout of but it’s hideous - dustsilver d84. I generally like minimalism, not the colorful rgb galore.

Anyhow, would appreciate if you can go windowshopping with me.

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Can you solder?


Most modern custom keyboards should fall under your .25-shift range, I think. (At least all of mine do, and they’re pretty common layouts).

Aside from minimal aesthetics, I think a couple things will help people recommend something:

  • What size keyboard are you looking for?
  • Do you want to tune this or use it stock?
  • Do you want to spend $200 including keycaps (i.e., fully built)?
  • Can you wait for the board to arrive or do you need it in hand right away?

Thanks, I am looking for 75%, but FRL TKL works too.

I need it to be in stock for sure.

Looking at gmmk pro (in stock locally for 150usd) - switch for modifier left of space is in the middle on z and x, so 0.5u overlay. There’s no way to change that, so unfortunately not all modern boards have the 0.25u shift option.

Is this the kind of offset you want?


Yeah, this is the 0.25u offset that I was talking about.

Then, HHKB is perfect for you :smile:

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If it were me and I hadn’t fallen into the ergo pit I’d just get a Realforce or HHKB. Modding isn’t necessary and you’ll never think about your keyboard again for probably the rest of your (read: you and your children’s) lifetime.


I think the options are more plentiful than what has been discussed here - Tsangan layout 60%+ will have a mod at 0.25u left-shifted from X. So pretty easy to find something that’s a custom MX keyboard. No shade at HHKB (I really like mine) but, if you want to experiment, MX is a better platform to do that and you have tons of options

edit: most modern 60% non-hotswap keyboards will have Tsangan as an option, so keep an eye out for that

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Too bad this just sold out

+1 hhkb
Looking at what’s available I think you could also consider:
-Keychron in general but Q8 seems to satisfy the cmd requirement key best.

I don’t own one personally but I was very impressed with them at meetups.
-If you can wait november Monokei Standard seems like a good fit too.

Only Realforce R1 has modifier shifted 0.25u. On R2 model, the shift is 0.5u. Too bad R1 is not available anymore.
But there is a mac version of R2 here with 0 shift.

Thank you all. I want something with mx style switches, tiger80 is indeed the closest to what I want so far. In EU there are some alu versions with free shipping that just about fits the budget.
I will explore a bit more though as I have a few days to make a decision.

Any ole’ TKL will do? Honestly screw kbdfans. If you want a super regular standard custom get a brutal series board from cannonkeys. Otherwise the best keybaord for work is a standard one. Realforce or HHKB get my vote.


If you’re also considering pre-builts, just throwing this into the fray: STANDARD

Full disclosure, it’s our product but it should have the offset you mentioned.


I have a Keychron Q1 v2 knob and love it. Familiar Mac layout. Boba u4 silent with mt3 extended keycaps to give it an AEK Ii vibe.

/mechanicalkeyboards has it in stock for $179 free ship with abs keycaps.

I love the minimalist look, but it’s not in stock. I’d have hard time explaining to my reimbursement manager what a keyboard preorder is :slight_smile:

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Are you using any CAD control device? 3D CAD controller?

No, I’m not.