[WTS] Artisans https://i.imgur.com/WtlfrdZ.jpg


Selling all 3 for $270

Somehow I’m not able to put links in the body of my post, so I put a timestamp in the title.


I’d recommend moving the img link from the topic name to the topic body


It won’t let me include links in my post :frowning:


What are the artisans?


You should be able to edit the body of your post and drop the URL for the album/pics into it. If it’s single pic links, it does grab the picture and drop it in the post.

Or you can upload it with the upload button in the editor window. Capture1


It won’t let me put links in the body of the post


@Lndefinite Odd, this post has a link in it. Are you getting an error or what?


Yeah I just can’t post links at all. If i type in “google. com” without the space and try to save, I get an error saying I can’t post images at all.


That’s really strange. What platform and browser are you using to post?


Here is OP’s picture so you guys can see it more easily :slight_smile:


Is that Sekret Sadness Topre or MX?


All caps are MX