[WTS] RGB Cherry Blacks with retooled stems, bfake PCBs, Round5 mods, DSA caps

64x RGB Cherry blacks with retooled stems, milky housing, clear top, notch on the stem. Not breaking them up. $50 shipped (what I paid plus shipping, no lie)

DSA pbt ergodox set with DSA Space-Caps Chameleon UV WASD+Esc combo. Blanks are white, unopened but confirmed everything is there. $40 shipped

Random R3 Round 5 mods. Hyper key is 1.75u, Mode/Command/Return are 1.5u, 2x 1.25u black and 2x 1.25u red. Bundle $36 shipped

60% b.fake PCB. Supports 7u bottom row and both split shifts, split backspace, stepped caps. Uses ps2avr. No underglow LEDs, USB-mini port.

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