Yo, I'm Kbwarriors


Hello, I’m Brannan (kbwarriors)
Most know me from my instagram, but I occasionally post on Reddit. I’m a Bay Area native and will be at the upcoming NorCal meet.

I started my keyboard adventure mid 2016 with the Quickfire TK, by the end of the year I had a HHKB pro 2, and it just spiraled from there. Currently sitting at 30ish keyboards in my collection.

My favorite keyboard is still my sticker bombed HHKB Pro 2(internally stock).
Currently waiting on delivery of a black TGR Alice(pics soon)

If you ever need a shout on ig, just hmu :slight_smile:

Reddit: kbwarriors-ig
Geekhack: Brannan


Welcome here! Been following your account for a long while now and always appreciate the great content.


Thx for the support bro! just took a look at your lovely keyboard pic on insta :slight_smile:


Hey fellow bay area dude! I’m missing this year’s meetup and i’m so sad about it :((


Good to see you here!


Great to see you here! Can’t wait to see what you’ll be bringing to the meetup :slight_smile:




Thx! Can’t to see what you’ll bring as well!


Ayy same to you bro