Yo yo I'm guy_mcfly

Hallo! I’m guy_mcfly (don_the_spubber on reddit). I’m a Georgia Tech Computer Science major, currently clacking on a EOTW Planck with Gat browns. As a programmer, I’m really interested in keebs from a comfort perspective, as well as just an aesthetic interest in them as well. It’s a really fun hobby with lots of nuance and new stuff to learn about and keep up with, and it’s practical (kinda? :stuck_out_tongue:) as well! My dream keeb is probably an M-65 with BOX Jades and GMK 9009. I’m also into music (play guitar, bass, and percussion), and recently got into kendama! Stoked to be here. Cheers!

Welcome! Glad to have you here :slight_smile:

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