YOK purple panda typing test

Bottom out force is about 75g
I like how they feel, it’s a sharp and crisp tactility with a mellow return.
I would recommend lubing them, as they feel a bit scratchy in stock form.
The springs definitely should be lubed as well; you can hear them pinging in the video I’m sure.
Overall, a solid addition to the MX tactile switch family.


Some stem pics:


Will have to check out your video after I put mine into something tonight. Thanks for the microscope photos, will use them to compair to some other switches in the future.

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Is that lube in your stem pics stock?

Most similar to which tactile?

My preference, in order from best to least:

Mod M tactiles, T1s, Holy Pandas, Holy Yoks, Cherry clears, Pro purples, V1 Zeal’s, Kailh brown, V2 Zeal’s, Halo Clear, Halo True, Heavy burnt orange, Hako Royal, Hako Clear. Are they like any of those?

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Tangentially related question - how are MOD-Ms when filmed? I’m thinking quite heavily for either going for a silent linear or MOD-M… are they as good as I can hope for lubed and filmed?


Got my Purple Pandas in this afternoon as well. After putting them in my GMMK (and typing on them now), i can concur with what Walkerstop has said so far.

They are much more similar to Holy Pandas than Zealios, and a little more crisp than regular pandas. They feel just as round at the bump however, just sharper starting it. I do also believe they suffer a bit from being a little scratchy. I’ve never lubed a switch before but I believe this might just be my first switch I have to do it too :stuck_out_tongue:

If lubing fixes the issue, I feel like these would be a great budget switch to get that Panda feel. Not so much the sound, because it’s higher pitched and not as thunk-y. It’s closer than any other tactile switch but still different. But yeah, great budget option at just $5.50 on novelkeys. I think I would still take the Zealios any day, but man they’re more than double the price.


Considering the stem AND housing are made by GSUS, and GSUS is not known for being particularly smooth stock (my stock cherry switches literally feel better than my unlubed holy pandas, and those have a super-slippy stem) being scratchy does sound par for the course, alright.

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Well dang, I had no idea! You wouldn’t happen to have an idea of what type of lube would be best for these switches would you? Again, never done this before so i don’t want to apply too much or too strong of a lube and then have it be like a linear :upside_down_face:

If you’re a newbie, something like Christo-Lube MCG 110 or Tribosys 3203! Those add smoothness without taking away too much from the tactility or being too buttery.


I haven’t ever put films in my mod m switches. I might have a loose few to experiment with.

There are two drawbacks to mods. First is their leaf sound. It annoys me just like the sound of the leaves in cherry clears and zeal v2s. It’s almost like a chirp. I’m willing to live with it because the bump is exactly what I prefer. A tiny bit of pre-travel and then a big but rounded bump. Almost a topre feel.

The other downside is the wobble. Again, I’m willing to overlook it, but my mods have a lot of wobble.

My thoughts about these switches compared to v2 Zealios, Holy Pandas, T1s, and Cherry Clears:
The switches I think they feel most similar to are Holy Pandas, except the bump feels a bit sharper on the way down, yet less accentuated on the way back up. They don’t snap back to the top quite as much as Holy Pandas but I feel like the bump is more impactful on the way down.
I think these are a good budget alternative to Holy Pandas. Overall the tactility doesn’t feel quite as intense either, which is good for me, as Holy Pandas are almost too much tactility for my taste.
Another nice thing is that the tops fit tightly, so no need for films.
The stem also fits snugly in the top, so overall these have really low wobble, which reminds me of the v2 Zealios.
The stems do not have the extra long center post, so the bottom out feels stable and is not as sharp or clacky, it’s more subdued. These are a lot quieter than Holy Pandas but still have an interesting and pleasant sound.
The only negative thing I can find about these switches is that they are a lot less smooth than Holy Pandas. A lot. In terms of the smoothness of how the stem feels riding over the leaf, I would rank Holy Pandas and v2 Zeal as smoothest, followed by T1, and purple trash pandas as least smooth.
Looking at the stem, I think it’s because Bsun is not producing as smooth and refined a stem. The surface doesn’t look flawlessly smooth like a Halo stem. There is sort of a texture to it.
I tried a few lubes, and I think what feels best is a really high viscosity oil or grease, like a 205g0, or 105, or even thicker (I liked Krytox 157 FSH). I recommend lubing the legs too on these stems, because they are not that smooth and the lube will mostly fix it.
With a thorough lube job, these switches I think are a good Panda alternative!
With lube, I would rank their overall perceived tactility for me as about the same as T1.
Without lube, I would not recommend them, personally. If you are going to skip lubing, I think you are better off with a Zeal V2, Holy Panda, or T1, in that order.
Be sure to lube the springs too, they are pingy! But you should always do that anyway.

I feel like these switches are worth consideration, because I lube my switches anyway, AND they sound a lot better to me than T1 or Zealios.

I think these sound as good as Holy Pandas, just different; it’s not as sharp or loud a noise, but it’s a pleasant clacky sound. I do not love how T1 or Zealios sound in comparison.

Here is a sound comparison (in a switch tester anyway) between these and Holy Pandas and T1.

Hope that helps!


Yep, they come with stock lube, but it’s really bad.
There is lube in places where it makes no difference to have lube, whilst the places that REALLY could use lube are dry.
Please lube these if you buy them. The factory lube job is RIDICULOUSLY BAD


are all 3 lubed in this demo or stock?

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gotcha. My T1s sound a lot better with switch films installed. Makes a world of difference.

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Yeah! T1 are a great example switch for how films can improve the sound. That’s what I used in this video:

Same switches in another keyboard:

With lots of lube and films I think they sound pretty good!

Most people notice the before and after difference in the 1st video.
A few people have said they don’t hear much of a difference. That blows my mind because to me they sound so different :slight_smile: But to each their own…

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Yeah it blows my mind also when people say they can’t hear a difference between lubed/unlubed switches or sound dampened/not dampened boards. Although I think hearing is kinda like sight in the fact that everybody has a slightly different range of frequencies they can hear really well. So what to us is horrible spring creak/ping, scratchy noises, leaf noise, etc. is inaudible to some other people.

holy cow the T1 sounds so bad in comparison lol

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Yeah they really do in that side by side. Although watch @Walkerstop’s video about using switch films with T1s he has linked above. When filmed T1s sound infinitely better IMO. I think 90% of the extra sound produced by the T1s in the side by side is because they are not filmed & the top housing was wobbling like crazy. I could be wrong though, @Walkerstop is the T1s filmed on the side by side comparison video?