Your favorite plate/switch/keycap combination for SOUND!

I want to know what your favorite plate material, switch, and keycap combination is for acoustics!

Here’s mine:

  • Retooled Cherry Blacks, lighter springs and 205g0
  • aluminum half plate
  • ABS keycaps in cherry profile

Obviously stabs, case design etc all come in to play as well, but on a basic level, that’s my favorite sounding setup, what’s yours?!

What about mounting method? That also makes a difference.

Following combos produce the best sounding board for me:

  • Switch: filmed Cream (linear) or Holy Panda
  • Lube: 205g0
  • Plate: POM
  • Case: Aluminum (heavier the better)
  • Foams: plate foam only
  • Keycap: ePBT (harder plastic the better)

Mounting matters but foams even out the sound decently and cuts down on undesirable noise at the cost of reduced sound volume but POM plate makes up for some of that.

UPDATE: Removing case foam improved sound.

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  • Retooled Cherry blacks (stock)
  • Carbon Fiber plate
  • ePBT (minus the f and j keys sometimes hitting the switch top).
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