Your favorite tactile?


Fair few of us Zeal fanboys still.


Can any kind soul tell me where I can buy myself some Holy Pandas.


In the dark dark alleys of Mech Market


Current Favorites:
62g Ergo Clears
BKE Lights

Next things to put in a board:
J-spacered Gateron Blues with 55g
handmodded Hako Royal Clears

Also i orderes some Halo Clears, so maybe i’ll find an affordable tight housing for them too. :slight_smile:


I feel you.
My filco with mx clears from a vintage donorboard, 62g Spirit Springs, lubed superlube (because i didn’t know better back then) still has a special place in my heart :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Holy Pandas.


BOX Navy for me. Perfect sharp tactility.


How are Holy Pandas not on the list?


Too many options in the poll, I must say. It dilutes the result.


I’d still have to go with Topre 55g, though I like BKE Heavy a lot as well.


Honestly? I still use Superlube, both oil and grease. Swear by it.


Thanks to @jetpacktuxedo, I’m currently using lubed 35g Zilents. They are awesome, and yes, you should try them.


So is everyone endgame to spend endless amount of money on MX style switches and then trying a topre switch and moving to those switches exclusively? The reason I ask; is that was my trajectory. Started with loving me some MX style switches but then got my hands on a HHKB and have been using that as my daily driver. Looking at this survey seems to prove it.


Not necessarily. I know plenty of keyboard enthusiasts who dislike Topre or prefer MX (or something else) over them.

For me personally, I basically did what you did, except I’m using a Realforce. However, I still purchase boards with MX and other switch types. It’s a part of the hobby for me. I could easily live with my Realforce alone, but not all boards I buy/build are meant to be my daily driver or endgame board. I like to change things up from time to time, it’s a great way for me re-discover my love for each switch/board I own, making me appreciate them for what they are.

That being said, my Realforce is definitely the board that I use the most and I still consider it my daily workhorse.


I tried topre because of all the hype. Got an FC660C, used it for a week or two and started noticing arm fatigue, sold it not long after. The feel of topre doesn’t really do it for me, anyway. Very much not a fan of the mushy bottom out with the huge weight increase near the bottom of the switch.


I think it’s the opposite. To few options would lead to more Other responses, further obfuscating the result.


I’ll see what I can do to fix this


Jailhouse Outemu Teal with Aristotle spring is my favorite right now, but I like all jailhouse switches.


I’m all about Ergo Clears, but I recently threw a few clear stems into some extra kailh coppers I had laying around and I think I might have just found my grail switch.


I’m a big fan of Holy Pandas, 55g Topre, 62g Ergo Clears, 78g Zilents, BKE Redux Lights, and Box Royals.

I still haven’t had a chance to build up a keyboard with Royal Hako trues yet, but I have high hopes for them.