Hey mech keyboard enthusiasts!

I’m very happy to meet you here, I believe this is fate!

My name is Chao, I’m a 35-year-old proud father of a beautiful daughter. When time went back to 2015, I was luckily charged for an e-commerce project named Velocifire which sells gaming peripherals. We started with the product of the mechanical keyboard. That’s my first time to know and use a mechanical keyboard, I was amazed by the wonderful typing experience. From then on, I can’t type without a mechanical keyboard. Here I would say “Thank you” to Velocifire.

The project was not going smoothly at the very beginning, the gaming community was not very interested in our products, compared to the famed PC gaming brands, we are nothing special but only cheaper. Finally, we decided to change our strategy, then we developed a series of mechanical keyboards for non-gamers, for example, typists, programmers, and copywriters who do lots of typing every day. It’s a big upgrade if they used a membrane keyboard before. And it works, things become better.

With more and more understanding of mechanical keyboards, I started to try more mechanical keyboards with different functions. At the same time, I also found that many enthusiasts have the same needs as me.

So I founded Entergogo in 2019, targeting the niche market of Mechanical Keyboard. As during the past several years, I learned that there were lots of people who don’t know what’s mechanical keyboard is and never use it. As well, there are many subdivisions requirements that have not been fully met. Entergogo will be focusing on potential users as mentioned above.

We are aiming to develop all products with the mechanical keyboard community together, which means we are always happy to listen to the community and try our best to turn any good product ideas into reality.