104/108-key ANSI keyboards with customisable/aftermarket case options?

I was browsing MechanicalKeyboards.com and found out that Filco makes some cases for their full-size Majestouch keyboards. From the photos, they look pretty all right, and I was wondering if anyone knew of any other full-size keyboards that have options for customisable or aftermarket cases. I am looking for a full-size keyboard with a case to match an upcoming keycap set.

I’m not aware of anything, but I recall an email going out a while back from WASD saying they were going to offer aftermarket cases for some of their keyboards in the future.

Hi Monty, I am building a custom 104-key full size keyboard with the help of several makers here in Australia. It is set up as Cerakoted full aluminium body, aluminium plate, Win keys, hybrid ISO/ANSI layout and hot-swappable PCB sockets so it should permit different layout choices. The prototype has taken since the time of your enquiry last year to develop and is still not yet ready for use. But you may want to contact the makers to see if they are interested in a group buy. This has been mooted in our long discussions about the prototype build. Body designer is reachable at his site as hineybush and the PCB designer is amtra5keyboards. You can ask in reference to the ‘ML-104 project’.

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What keyset are you looking to match?

Holy necromancy, Batman :slight_smile:

I was looking for something to go with XDA Scrabble, maybe something that would remind me of playing Scrabble on a game board like wood grain, or maybe that solid maroon color of the backing of some Scrabble boards, that sort of thing.

I ended up picking up a used Ducky DSX (a Massdrop-exclusive collaboration from a few years ago), though. The price was right, it had 108 keys so I could use the novelties, and it had Cherry MX Clears, which I’d been meaning to try.

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Heh, didn’t notice that this thread had been brought back from the dead.

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